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PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Nathaniel Dinsmore

ROLL CALL: Present; Perfecto, Mike, Eric, Joan, Tom, Gary, Filling in Acting as our Town Clerk Recorder Andrea Cash, Nate.

Nate: Were gonna go right ahead and jump into why everybody is here tonight which is the cat ordinance and stuff. Now will admit that I do not agree with that. It was something that was rushed in and we put it off to an attorney that honestly didn’t do his job the correct way and we didn’t go over it. Were sorry. We are gonna sit and we are going to listen to what everybody thinks we CAN do to actually resolve the issues that we are having, because we do need to resolve them.  So were not just going to PUSH through with our stuff, were going to take everybody’s input and we are going to do a consolidated recovery.

Citizen Speaking: Which maybe we can talk about the dogs so we don’t have to carry these. “referring to a stick”. There was just two big dogs down there and we had to carry these and they came up running on us.

Joan: Where was this at.

Citizen: Right down off of Nebraska and Colorado

Joan: Well I would call our code enforcement officer, but he was involved in an accident last night and he’s kind of recuperating right now so.

Nate: Well I’ll go out myself tonight if I have to and I’ll go look.

Citizens: discussing the 2 dogs that are currently running at large.

Nate: Alright, so we’ll do this in a little bit of a process um if you have a main concern or question, I would like you to go ahead and raise your hand right now, just so I can get an idea of how many people would like to talk back or forth. Okay were going to go ahead, well start in the very back and well work our way forward. And if you would please come a bit forward so everyone could hear you, or just to a point where everyone could hear you.

Citizen: Well because of social distancing can I just talk loudly. I am just questioning this cat ordinance. I have two cats that have lived here for twenty years there not going to stay in my yard and I have told my neighbors that if they have a problem with my cats or if there doing something wrong to let me know and I think our neighborhood is pretty much mouse free.

They do have their shots and I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t have a problem with taking a picture of the cats and bringing you the rabies thing and putting it up in the window or something but you’re asking me to put a tag on them, and a collar and even a break free collar there gonna get killed going up and down trees, running after bunnies. You know there is a bunny population here. And um its truly not my fault that the neighbor’s dogs decide to bark at my cat. My cats have never chased any animals down the street they have never attacked any people. I have failed to see them chase a car down um and the fact that something maybe I go into the hospital that something would happen to the cats and four days later you would euthanize them I really don’t understand this. I understand that there is a bad cat population on the east side of town, because I used to kind of care for the cats.

In Rocky Ford when we had a cat problem like that there were volunteers that would catch the cats and would take them to pueblo and get them spayed and neutered and if nobody wanted them, we would adopt them out, and that seems like a much more humane thing for us to do as a society.

Nate: Who is next Bill I think it may have been you.

Bill: If you don’t mind, I have a list of research that I have done over the last few days on ordinances and who does what and I would like to submit it for public record, and I’ll read some of it. In a nutshell what this ordinance is about is feral cats and that is basically the problem in any city in this country is feral cats. I spoke with Brett Smith who is the director of the Colorado State Humane Society Today. He said there are no regulations state statutes, ordinance, or control of cats lose in the united states. One of the reasons is I spoke to Becky Presley she is the Assistant Director I got ahold of her on Tuesday. Cats are not regulated as they are considered wild animals, even though they are domesticated they are still considered wild animals. Dogs on the other hand are cause they are bread as attack animals. The CRS revised statutes that are listed here are pertaining to dogs. It doesn’t say anything about cats. The only thing that other counties do take into consideration is the vaccination and rabies shots.

            Someone said that the ordinance was taken or copied from Ordway

Nate: Well our city Attorney probably copied it from Las Animas out of his Jurisdiction or possibly Ordway.

Bill: I have several questions and I hope you’ll bear with me. I hope you guys have a lot of money to begin with.

You have got to build a shelterthat conforms to state regulations. You’re licensing fees

Main Concern or question:







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