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CALL TO ORDER: 7:00 pm by Mayor Betty Bruch
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Betty Bruch
ROLL CALL: Massey, Dinsmore, Baker, Willis, Bruch – Present: Thibault – Not Present

MINUTES: Motion to approve minutes dated 02/21/2020 made by Baker, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

Bruch: Something I want the council to understand. Minutes are a record of our meetings and what is happening now. So, six months down the road, 20 years down the road, people will know what was happening. I don’t think our minutes are getting there. I have taken previous minutes to another person and they did not understand what was happening. Dinsmore: I agree with you just don’t understand what you are saying. Bruch: I have tried to encourage Davida to try to do them that way.

Ken: Notice from Aaron; looking for part-time driver; we also need a man for the back of the truck. Do UA before we put someone on the truck? Why did we switch? Willis: More cost-efficient Ken: What are the hours? Are we running an ad? Willis: Hours are 8-4, the ad is running at Workforce in La Junta.
Olney Springs meeting; Waste Management under bid us by quite a bit. I worked on figuring expenses. I hauled 2.87 ton of trash to landfill, included labor, fuel, mileage (.30 per mile), with 148 totes. $2960 income; expenses are $1483.24, leaving a profit of $1476.76 about $1500.00 a month. Olney Springs asked while I was there if we could do anything different. I don’t think we should change our price. If we lose that we will be losing about $18,000.00 of income each year. Bruch: I don’t believe we should change our prices.
Got dumpsters in yesterday. Business will be good this year. Spoke with people at the grow farms, sounds like 9 or 10 more are coming in. Willis: The one at $25 for up to three totes; people have told me that they cannot fill one tote let alone three.
Bruch: Dumpster by the park; pick up before clean-up days. Ken: OK thank you.

Mike: Need tickets? Davida: I have prices. Schuster’s printing 500 tickets for $389.00 or a 1000 for $429.00; Print pros $629.00 for 1000 plus a $25 to $45 design fee. Discussion over location and which would be the best price. Motion to purchase 1000 from Schuster’s Printing at $429.00 made by Willis, 2nd by Dinsmore, motion carried.

Mary Medina – Garden club asked for a water meter, still not installed. Bruch: You already have where you want it. Discussion over location and having a work order completed for Nick to do the work.

Water Bids:
$40.00 per share for 64 shares of Twin Lakes water $2560.00, town pay assessments from Sam Wilson.
$8.00 per share for 64 shares of Twin Lakes water $512.00, Sam pays the assessments from Sam Wilson.
$80.50 per share for 80 shares of Lake Henry/Colorado Canal water $6,440.00, the Town pays the assessments from Sam Wilson
$40.50 per share for 80 shares of Lake Henry/Colorado Canal water $3240.00, Sam pays the assessments from Sam Wilson
$87.50 per share for10 shares of Lake Henry/Colorado Canal water $875.00, the Town pays the assessments from Ron Bauer.
$62.00 per share for 15 shares of Twin Lakes water $930.00, the Town pays the assessments from Ron Bauer.
Bruch: We need to decide if we are paying the assessments or if Sam is paying them. Discussion over the assessments and who is paying them.
Motion to lease all water shares to Sam Wilson, we pay assessment, $80.50 on Lake Henry and $40.00 on Twin Lakes made by Willis, 2nd by Baker, motion carried.

Monitor for Wells- tabled till 03/18/2020

Signatures for Trash Account: Bank opened at First National Bank in Ordway for the trash, signatures required.

Nate – Eric is not here. Bruch: CML recommends leaving seat vacant with the election so close. Willis: The seat was not vacant when Eric submitted the letter of intent. Discussion over length of time before election. Nothing done at this time.

BILLS: Questions over McCandless bill. Backhoe has only been approved up to $2000.00. Discussion over bills and backhoe. Mr. Petty needs to only be talking to Nick, Davida or myself there is no other person he should be talking to.
Motion to pay bills $2,017.17 made by Baker, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

Baker – Letters; we have not sent them to the school board either? Davida: No, they have not gone in the mail. Baker: I am taking them home to be edited and I will bring them up tomorrow.

Willis – No Comment

Dinsmore – Was Chantz Petty notified of the cap for spending? Davida: I did not notify him. Bruch: Better do that first thing in the morning. Also, inform him that he needs to speak to either Nick, you or myself. Baker: Be sure to tell him everything needs to come through the council and have approval.

Massey – Did we ever find out dimensions for a dog kennel? Willis: Have gotten a lot of material about having one, it is a lot of papers. Bruch: Go look at the previous years and we do not make enough to support a kennel. How many dogs have we picked up in the last years? Willis: The permits alone per year would cost about $2300, that is why I didn’t pursue it any further. What it costs to take to Fowler as opposed to having our own is better. Discussion over where and price of having a dog kennel and working with Ordway.

Bruch: Spoke with Mr. Vigil work on an ordinance or a resolution that says the town cannot lease or sell water to out of town people without a vote of the people. He should have it to me before the next meeting.

Willis: Secretary of State should have copy of by-laws. Davida: The state does not have a copy of the by-laws.

Davida: Computers crashed; office is needing word back. Been using personal word program from home. Looked at Microsoft for $100 per computer for a year. Willis: We can get it for a monthly cost of $9.99. Discussion over Microsoft and billing for year.
External hard drive: Dinsmore: Do we have a backup? Davida: Right now, No. Executech just stopped backing us up and I have been looking. Discussion over purchasing an external hard drive. Discussion over purchase of external hard drive.
Motion to purchase an external hard drive for computers with a cap of $80.00 made by Willis, 2nd by Dinsmore, motion carried.
Motion to go with monthly bill for Microsoft Word for computers made by Willis, 2nd by Dinsmore, motion carried.

Southeast Water Conservancy: Discussion over what we are wanting to do with project water. Decision made to ask Sam Wilson to investigate our carryover. 

CML: Davida signed up for webinar on March 12, 2020 for election.

Bruch: Is Libby being more effective or not? Davida: It depends on the project. If I can give her a project and she is uninterrupted, she is great. Bruch: In order to work in an office, a productive office, you must be organized and work.
Willis: What kind of virus protection were we running that we got this virus? Davida: Executech is no longer helping us. Willis: Get ahold of Triad and have them find us something so this won’t happen again. Discussion over different virus protections available and pricing through Triad.


ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn at 8:08 pm made by Baker, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.



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