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CALL TO ORDER: 7:00pm by Mayor Betty Bruch
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Betty Bruch
ROLL CALL: Present – Massey, Dinsmore, Bruch, Willis, Baker and Thibault

MINUTES: Motion to approve minutes dated 03/04/2020 made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried. Thibault abstaining.

Nick- Backhoe have 3 different quotes from 4Rivers
1. 310 LPE $66,000.00 has 46 days left on warranty
2. 310 LPE Brand New $81,000.00 with full warranty
3. Same as what we have now $86,000.00 with full warranty
-Contacted Muth and they have a mini excavator or a small tractor that we would have to by the attachments to make it work. Discussion over warranties, using current backhoe as a trade in, leasing or purchasing new and which would be the best deal. Decision made that Nick would get quotes from other businesses and bring to next meeting.
-Monitor for Well – Monitor in the office so we are able to keep and eye on our levels. 

Bruch: Do you have someone to work for the clean-up days? Ken: Yes. Terry said he would work all three days. We are putting Truck 6 down there for him to use. Bruch: Ken you make sure that Terry knows he is not to drive the truck. Ken: Will do. Thank you

Bruch: How is it going across the street Nick? Nick: Looks like there is a leak on the main sewer line behind the building. Discussion over sewer line, using Nick or Country Plumbing to come, dig it up and do the work. Decision made to get the lowest price and go with it and get it fixed.

Ken- Larry Robbins is requesting a vacation day for March 27, 2020. Decision made he is approved for a vacation day.
– Concerned about finding a driver; No good applications have been submitted; Thought about pushing Terry to get his CDL, if not Terry what about Nick? Doing this would relieve the immediate situation.  This is serious business; need someone 3-4 hours to cut the longer days, this would give us an option and relieve stress. Discussion over Nick being used on the trash trucks. Decision made to look for another person. Tony: Ken if you need help call and I will help if I can.
– Lost Town of Olney Springs planning to pick up totes on the 30th of March. Will require additional help to pick up the totes that day. Ask Mr. Del Rio if we could use his trailer that day. Mr. Del Rio: Yes, you can use the trailer.

Willis: David Pappan would like to purchase some of the tires down at the Lagoon. Discussion over selling used tires to David or Grizzly Tire in Fowler. Decision made that Davida would find out how much Grizzly Tire pays for tires. Decision made that David could purchase the tires once we have a price from Grizzly Tire.

Sam Wilson – Water Leases; going to go over the Contracts, will sign and return to the office. 

-Water Meeting- Talked to the board regarding the Sugar City shares that were converted we lost. When they leased to Lower Arkansas Valley they had to convert, when they did that you lost the shares, they are gone. Good thing about that is the shares can be used where the person wants to use them. Discussion over water shares and where our shares are located.
Meetings for Crowley County Water Board are 2nd Friday of each month.

Anti-Virus Protection: Triad offers Webroot Anywhere Security; usually $39.95 per computer but they do offer discounts on multiple computers. Willis: Is that per month or per year? Davida: Believe it is for a month. Willis: That seems like a lot, look into AVG pro. Bruch: Call Caselle and ask what they would recommend. Discussion over other anti-virus protection. Decision made that Davida would look into more and get additional prices.


BILLS: Motion to pay bills in the amount of $16,984.84 made by Willis, 2nd by Dinsmore, motion carried.

Thibault: Why was nobody called on the Olney Springs trash contract? Nobody showed up to represent Sugar City Disposal. Baker: Kenny went to the meeting. Willis: No, he did not. Davida: He went to the first meeting, missed the 2nd meeting. Baker: He was supposed to. Willis: There was a miscommunication between Ken and Davida. Bruch: That would be Davida’s job, wouldn’t it? Davida: To call the council for Kenny? Last I was told Kenny is the supervisor; it is his responsibility. Am I going to do what he doesn’t want to do as a supervisor or is Kenny the supervisor? Bruch: You should do what he tells you to do. Davida: He did not tell me to call you. He asked if he should and I said that is his call. I didn’t know if he was going or not. Thibault: What I am saying is people drop the ball, things don’t get done. We have lost that money now. Massey: If finances are the same as last year, then the garbage company is going to be in the hole. Thibault: Not sure who is ultimately responsible. Bruch: I didn’t even know he didn’t go. Discussion over assigning different people to be responsible for different aspects of the business. No Decision made.

Tony Moreland: Had the same problem when I worked here and had Mike from the Fire Department blow out the line and that took care of the problem.
Ask Jim McCuistion if we could use his backhoe since he has one.

Thibault: No Comment

Baker: No Comment

Willis: No Comment

Massey: Made a list of things that we should appoint a council member and oversea what occurs, then bring the information to the table. 

Bruch: Resolution about not leasing water to out of county people. Discussion over leasing water. Decision made to put the Resolution on the next agenda and get it passed.

Davida: (Clerk Report)
-Received from County Commissioners an emergency declaration for the unincorporated areas of Crowley County, copy in office if anyone would like to view.
-Petty’s Diesel bill $2645.19; Motion to pay the full bill made by Willis, 2nd by Dinsmore, motion carried.
-Schuster’s Printing; can do 500 ballots for $159 or $1000 for $239 with about $10.00 shipping. Discussion over getting ballot paper. Motion to order 500 from Schuster’s for $159 plus $10 shipping made by Willis, 2nd by Baker, motion carried.
  Schuster’s Printing will have the Summons and Complaints for our Code Enforcement on Monday or Tuesday.
-One of our Customers is an older gentleman and he would like to know if we can give him a senior citizens discount? Discussion over trash prices and discounts given. Decision made that we do not offer discounts on Totes.
-Tashena Peltier has group of 4-H boys and girls, would like to know if there is somewhere, they can clean? Discussion over using 4-H children and where they can clean. Decision made that Davida would let her know and give her locations as they came available.
-Sheila with Rocky Ford Gazette: Crowley County Spring Sports ad $10 a week for 8 weeks. Decision made not this season.
-Quotes from Pride City for the awnings. $6640 for five new frames and covers and $2750 for the two new covers.
-Workman’s Compensation; Rocky Ford Family Health Center and Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center are the two doctor’s offices that are still doing work comp in the Valley.
-Fowler Police Department replied to our letter. Copy in the office if anyone would like to read it.
-Anthony Mora has dropped off some of the Christmas donations for Sugar City’s Christmas Celebration.
-Mr. Vigil suggests that meet with the Medina’s and Mason’s to discuss a possible resolution.
-ROI energy sent an email for the lighting for the town; there is no charge. Discussion over what they are used for.
-The loan payment for the Colorado Water loan is due May 1st for $8923.19, will be sending the information to have the payment withdrawn.

ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn at 8:55pm by Willis, 2nd by Dinsmore, motion carried.



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