04/01/2020 Regular Meeting Minutes

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CALL TO ORDER: 6:55 pm by Mayor Betty Bruch
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Betty Bruch
ROLL CALL: Present: Massey, Willis, Dinsmore, Thibault, Baker and Bruch

MINUTES: Motion to approve minutes dated 03/18/2020 made by Willis, 2nd by Dinsmore, motion carried.

REPORTS: Nick not present
Bruch: Spoke with Nick: Amber Karle’s tap is leaking; he contacted A&R Construction to have them look to see if it is from where they fixed it or if the town is responsible to fix this time.
Nick is also working on getting quotes to repair the water tower.

Dog Licensing: Bruch: With us having to cancel the Shot Clinic do we want to extend the licensing? Discussion over time frame for people to register dogs with the town. Decision made that we would extend dog tags due date till end of April and reevaluate situation with COVID-19.

Resolution 2020-01: A Resolution of the Town of Sugar City, Colorado Stating its opposition to the sale of certain stock and water rights owned by the Town and finding that its stock and water rights are being used and held for a governmental purpose. Read Aloud by Davida Moreland.

Long Form Exemption: Bruch: Does anyone have any questions before we sign? No questions or discussion. All Trustees signed long form exemption.

Emergency Declaration: COVID-19 Virus; Read Aloud by Davida Moreland
Motion to pass and place extension of Declaration to April 30th made by Willis, 2nd by Baker, motion carried.

BILLS: Discussion over Prairie Automotive bill. Discussion over purchase orders. Decision made that nothing can be charged without a purchase order number. Motion to pay bills in the amount $11,794.11 made by Willis, 2nd by Baker, motion carried.

Dinsmore: Seals in the fire hydrants; hydrants need to be flushed out. Discussion over flushing hydrants. Decision made that Dinsmore would contact Fire Department and take point on flushing hydrants.

Willis: Getting complaints about our Code Enforcer, he is being rude to citizens. Thibault: People have been saying they don’t know the ordinances; Mike should give them a copy of the ordinance when giving the ticket. He should also be hand-delivering the tickets. Discussion over mailing tickets and hand-delivering tickets. Discussion over copies of ordinances for citizens. Decision made that Thibault would talk to Wilson about hand-delivering the tickets. Decision made that the citizens could come to the office and read the ordinances or pay for a copy and take it home.

Baker: Does anyone know who has a German Shepherd? Dinsmore: She is mine. Discussion over dogs running loose and fences in town. 

Thibault: As council members if we are not living by the rules then we are not setting a good example.

Massey: Need to work on keeping the town property cleaned up as well.

Discussion over cleaning properties in town and town properties. Decision made that Davida will be in contact with people when COVID-19 has lightened.

Clerk Report:
Davida: Received today a Public Service Program for Andrew Medina. Discussion over work he can do. Discussion over who will be the one supervising his work. Decision made that he could work at the cemetery and Joan Willis would supervise work.
Triad Computers bid for Anti-Virus protection is $39.95 per year. Looked into a couple of other the cheapest is PC Protect at $24.95 a year. Discussion over anti-virus protection. Decision made to go with Webroot Anywhere Security through Triad Computers.
Nick has put in a vacation request for April 28, 2020. Decision made that he is approved for a vacation/personal day.
Men’s and Women’s faucets can’t turn off water completely. Discussion over faucets. Decision made that Davida will look at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Walmart and find the best one for lower price.
Do we want to have the office open on April 7, day of election? Discussion over previous elections. Decision made to have the office closed for election.
Is Libby to work on April 7? Discussion over Libby working. Decision made that she would not be needed.
Dennis- Mr. Labrec’s tenant would like to know if he can have the railroad ties that are down at the tree dump? Discussion over tree dump and what is down there. Decision made that he could have them; council would like to know what he is doing with them. 

Tony Moreland: Does the town still have 55-gallon drums down at the lagoon? Could Compost Technology have a couple. Discussion over drums and lagoon. Decision made that if there are a couple Compost Technology could have them.

Motion to adjourn at 8:17 pm made by Baker, 2nd by Willis, motion carried. 



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