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CALL TO ORDER: By Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: 7:00 pm by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore
ROLL CALL: PRESENT- Dinsmore, Massey, Roberts, Willis, Thibault, Hijar; NOT-PRESENT- Schiro

MINUTES: Motion to approve minutes dated 05/06/2020 made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.

Nick: Per Nate: Purchase new meter lids. Have a quote for 10 new lids for $434.95. Discussion over purchase of meter lids. Decision made. Motion to purchase 10 new meter lids for $434.95 made by Hijar, 2nd by Thibault, motion carried.
State coming down in the next month or so. Discussion over needing to fix up water shed. Needs to be painted and rebuilt. Decision made that Nick is to gather quotes for cost to repair and paint water shed.
Paint for banisters: Discussion over having one of our Public Service workers painting banisters in front of town hall. Decision made that price for paint will include banisters.

Ken: Per Gary: Quote to purchase 1-yard; $395each and 3-yard; $562each dumpsters. Discussion over purchasing more. Discussion over the budget. Discussion over billing and number of totes and dumpsters on daily routes. Decision made.
Route Audits: Need to have them completed to see what is on each route. Davida: What we are billing is not what they are saying is on the route. I cannot just go in and change anyone’s bill. We must send out a letter stating the change at least 30 days prior to the change. Discussion over having route audits done. Discussion over waiting to purchase dumpsters till routes audits completed. Discussion over: paying gas mileage for Hijar and Massey. Decision made.
Motion to pay gas/mileage for route audit to Perfecto and Gary with a $100.00 cap made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.
Motion to purchase 5: 1-yd and 5: 3-yd dumpsters for $4785.00 made by Thibault, 2nd by Massey, motion carried. Willis opposing.

Jeff Miller- Web Design: Dinsmore: Thank you for driving up and explaining your work to us.
Miller: Pueblo Web Design.com is where you can look at some of my work. Discussion over implementing a credit card system. Discussion over cost and fees of web site design. Decision made. Motion to hire Mr. Miller and website rolling, monthly rate to begin, pay $1800.00 bill 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 made by Hijar, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.
Safety Gear- Discussion over purchasing reflective vests for workers. Decision made that employees need to return vest before last check is given to them. Motion to order 12 vests in a variety of sizes, price each between $8 and $10 made by Hijar, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.
Cell Phones: Discussion over purchasing cell phones for Code Enforcement and for Town Marshall. Decision made that town has never purchased before, not starting now.

M & M Tank Coating: Discussion over utilizing this company for our tank maintenance. Decision made to sign the agreement to pay for M & M Tank Coating. Discussion over where and how to drain the tank for the protection of our citizens. Decision made to drain into canal across Iowa. Motion to sign agreement with M & M Tank Coating made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.
Body Camera’s- No Discussion
Purchase Hazmat suits: Discussion over what the use of them is for. Decision made that they are not required; will not purchase suits.
Approval of Clean-Up- 501 Iowa: Discussion over work that is needing to be done. Decision made. Motion to go onto 501 Iowa and clean up property at owners’ expense made by Hijar, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried. Willis Be sure to get a letter to him with a seven (7) day notice.

BILLS: Void checks to Betty Bruch and Sheila Baker for the tote purchase of $75.00 each.
Discussion over tires.
Motion to pay bills in the amount of $13,315.86 made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.
Discussion over putting a stop to the spending Ken is doing. Decision made that Ken now has a $500 limit without approval, anything larger will require a phone poll to approve. Ken is required to gather estimates before Davida will do phone poll.

Hijar: No Comment
Thibault: No Comment
Roberts: No Comment
Willis: When Gary and Perfecto go on Monday, could you look to see why we are still running two trucks? Decision made they will look at the routes.

Davida: Would like to schedule and executive session. Discussion over having an executive session. Decision made to schedule an executive session at the next meeting.
Keys on keyboard are getting worse. Could we invest in new ones? Discussion over keyboards. No decision made.
Do we know when we are spraying for mosquito’s this year? Discussion over when to spray and purchasing more spray. Decision made that Nick will make decision when to spray for mosquitos.

Ken said thank you for the card it was very appreciated.

Dinsmore: Ledell Coleman just went after our Code Enforcer. Discussion over dogs in town. No decision made. 

Massey: With Monday being Memorial Day, Ken is worried about being behind next week, Robert is on vacation. Discussion over trucks running on Monday. Are we going to let him run one driver and one rider? Decision made there is no reason for them to run.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Monday is Memorial Day who is placing the flags? The Fire Department places them.

ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn at 8:47 pm made by Willis, 2nd by Thibault, motion carried.

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