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CALL TO ORDER: 6:58 pm by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore
ROLL CALL: Present: Massey, Schiro, Hijar, Thibault, Roberts, Willis, Dinsmore

Discussion over printing minutes in the New Era. Emailing items to Rocky Ford Gazette, they will print free of charge. Discussion over printing something, similar to newspaper with only Sugar City news for local citizens. Decision made to print minutes in the New Era through the Rocky Ford Gazette.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES DATED 05/20/2020 Motion to approve minutes made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried. Schiro abstaining

Ken: Truck 5 down with electrical problems. Gregg Karle is going to tow to McCandless. Discussion over electrical problems.
Out of six (6) yard dumpsters. Ben just rebuilt one and it is ready for use. Discussion over dumpsters and routes. Decision made to push four (4) yard dumpsters for time being.
Out of 1 yd, had couple 2 yd come in, shuffling things around. Using 2 yd in place of 1 yd.
Route sheets; Discussion over total of equipment on routes. Decision made that Davida would work with Ken to get together and check totals.
Discussion over prices of call-in dumpsters: 6yd-$90 if unused. This was put in place couple of years ago per council. Discussion over price difference of dumping four times a month and not dumping at all. Discussion over price of extra dumps on the different sizes of dumpsters. Discussion over how a record of dumps is kept in the office, Davida explained that she puts into the customers account when the person is dumped with the date of the dump.
Discussion over work orders created; goes the shop, trash personnel signs off they completed the work, comes back into the office, and it is then entered into Caselle; whether it is billed or noted, then office signs off work completed and stores copies in office.
Discussion over how the prices are comparable to the what is dumped monthly; Davida explained that is part of the purpose for the route sheets, they can mark if the person was dumped or not. Ken recommended that we no longer have call-in dumpsters, they are a flat monthly rate regardless of number of dumps. Discussion over prices of extra dumps on dumpsters. Discussion over the distance to dump the dumpster, possibly having a mileage charge added to the extra dump. Discussion over substituting one size for another. Ken explained that occasionally a customer will need it for more bulky items that won’t necessarily fit into something smaller.
Trustee Hijar inquired about the dumpsters ordered at the last meeting. Ken stated that they were ordered and the Mobile Container Service is going to try and get them completed and delivered all at once, should be about another two weeks.
Discussion over call-in dumpsters: 10-6yd, one of the 6 yd is here in town and 1-4yd
In field per Ken we 26-6yd, 16-4yd, 33-3yd, 84-2yd, 7-1.5, 75-1yd, 470-totes. Here in Sugar City we have 94-totes, 4-1yd, 11-2yd, 1-3yd, 1-6yd. In stock we have 3-4yd, 3-3yd, and 2-2yd.
Discussion over prices now. 6yd- $185/month, 4yd-$132/month, 3yd-$88/month, 2yd-$60/month, 1yd-$49/month, tote-$27/month. Prices in town are different: 1-yd- $49/month; 2-yd- $47/month. Trustee Willis inquired about how Trustee Thibault pays $49/month and Dawndi Brewer pays $11/month. Davida explained that the prices are what was set up before she began. Trustee Thibault inquired about the price of a 3 yd in town, $88/month and the price of a 6 yd in town, $185/month. Discussion over the count and what is being used and not being used.
Trustee Thibault asked about what we have done about Dawndi’s bill. Trustee Willis explained that she told her that we could no longer continue to tie up a 2 yd dumpster at that price. She voiced her concerns, that a tote gets knocked over to easy. Willis explained that maybe we could work out an agreement with a 1 yd. Discussion over billing and what she should be charged. Decision made that Davida would contact her and let her know that she is going to be billed regular price for a 2 yd dumpster if that is what she is going to keep. Mayor Nate stated that either she gets billed for what she has or she needs to change sizes.
Motion made by Hijar that the price of a 2 yd in town goes up from $47/month to $55/month, 2nd by Thibault, motion carried. Davida explained that she will have to mail a letter to every customer whose bill will be affected by the price before it can be changed.
Discussion over changing prices due to the fact we are 11% under profit from last year.
Decision made to do a workshop and go over all previous listed discussions.
Ken personally thanks everyone for thinking of his wife and for the card.
Trustee Massey questioned Ken on why they worked on Memorial Day. Ken explained that they did not want to fall behind on routes. Ken called Mayor Dinsmore and got approval from him. Trustee Willis explained that in the council meeting we voted to not have them work that day, and the cannot go against what the council voted on. Mayor Dinsmore explained that he did not remember the council made a decision to not run. Mayor Dinsmore apologized for not remembering that the decision was made. Trustee Roberts explained that he would rather them have ran on Saturday to make up the time. Mayor Willis stated they could have ran two trucks on Friday as well.

Nick: Monday was not able to spray for mosquitos. Sprayer is at Fuller’s, need to rebuild the carburetor cost of around $120. Spray is 11 years old, has a few problems but once they are fixed should work no problem. Need solution to spray, cost about $100 for gallon and half. Fullers will notify when sprayer is fixed. Will get solution at American Fertilizer.
Ben needs welding supplies. Nick stated that while he is in Pueblo getting the solution, he could get the welding supplies from Harbor Freight. Trustee Willis inquired about the Harbor Freight card and if the town can still use it. Davida explained it is in the office and good for two years.
Motion to allow Nick to take bank card and get the supplies needed for welding no higher than $150 made by Willis, Motion died.
Discussion over Ben using flux cord to weld.
Backhoe: Chantz Petty stated that the pressure checks out he does know why the hose blew. Discussion over the price of fixing backhoe. Discussion over using the backhoe and it possibly blowing a hose while in use. Discussion over using 4Rivers instead of using Rustler Implement. Discussion over who Chantz converses with-in regard to the equipment he is working on for the town. Found that Chantz does not talk to any person about the labor for the town, he talks to Ken in regard to the trash equipment.
Town work is falling farther behind until the backhoe is fixed. Trustee Willis recommends looking into purchasing a newer backhoe. Discussion over what costs have been incurred and still being incurred. Discussion over taking the backhoe to 4Rivers not Chantz Petty. Trustee Roberts explained that Chantz does not have the right hydraulic equipment to regulate pressure.
Motion to take the backhoe to 4Rivers if the hose blows again made by Roberts, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.
Motion to allow Nick to take bank card to purchase welding supplies with a $150 cap made by Willis, 2nd by Thibault, motion carried.

Davida: Requested vacation day for June 23, 2020. Doctor appointment June 10 leave at noon. Discussion over vacation days. Decision made to approve the vacation day and she can have sick pay for doctor appointment.
Keyboards in office are getting worse, brought prices this time. Discussion over keyboards. Decision made that Trustee Roberts has a couple he will bring and let the office have.
Each Trustee received copy of Medina case and court date. Discussion over who needs to be in attendance. Decision made that it should be Mayor Dinsmore, Mayor Pro-tem Willis and Treasurer Davida.
Fowler building on corner of Highway 96 and Adams St. Jonathan Fox authorized the town to clean up property and bill them. Trustee Willis inquired about what they are doing with the building. Discussion over the building and it being a hazard for the town. Decision made that Davida would call Jonathan and ask.
Pride City Awning is working on our new ones. One panel of siding will need to be replaced to put up the new awnings.
Cemetery map: would like another copy to update it and put the other in a historical area. No decision made.
John Jaramillo inquired about the Town needing any work completed. Discussion over using John Jaramillo. Decision made that there is no work at this time.
Flag at cemetery is needing a light for night. Discussion over purchasing one. Decision made for Davida to get ahold of Wayne Walter to inquire about one.

Ordinance 321 – 1st Reading. Ordinance read aloud by Davida.

Animal permit for Grace Wilson. Discussion over land where putting animals. Decision made. Motion to approve Grace Wilson animal permit made by Hijar, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

Mayor Dinsmore inquired about our warning siren and why it did not go off when the tornados came through town. Discussion over sirens and reason to go off. No decision made.

BILLS: Motion to approve bills in the amount of $5,488.72 made by Willis, 2nd by Thibault, motion carried.

Hijar: No Comment

Thibault: No Comment

Roberts: Electrical outlets in shop do not work. Discussion over outlets. No decision made.
Purchase some tools for Nick to have to use. Discussion over where the other tools have gone. No decision made.
Nick is to be the superior in that shop, he should not have to ask anyone for permission to use anything out there. Discussion over who is supervisor. Decision made that Nick does not need to ask permission; Nick is the Supervisor in the Town Shop.

Willis: Mike Wilson our Code Enforcement is doing a good job. Discussion over tickets and what happens when a person is given a ticket. No decision made.
Asked Council members to please thank Mike Wilson for the work he is doing.

Schiro: No Comment

Massey: Got one route done took us three and a half days to complete. Discussion over doing the routes. No decision made.

Dinsmore: Code Enforcement: Some citizens have gone above and beyond. Some citizens still need to do some work. Certain ones deserve leniency. Discussion over who does and does not deserve leniency. Decision made that the work they have shown improvement and the ticket will be void.
501 Iowa: Discussion over getting the trash truck for day. Discussion over what exactly is being cleaned. Decision made that cleaning only the pile and will be completed before next meeting.

Executive Session: For discussion of a personnel matter under C.R.S. Section 24-6-402(2)(f) and not involving: any specific employees who have requested discussion of the matter in open session; any member of this body or any elected official; the appointment of any person to fill an office of this body or of an elected official; or personnel policies that do not require the discussion of matters personal to particular employees. 
Motion made at 9:05 to go to executive session made by Willis, 2nd by Hijar, motion carried.

Resume: 9:25 back in Session by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore

Discussion over when to do workshop. Decision made to do a workshop on Monday, June 15, 2020 at 2:00 pm.

ADJOURN: Motion made at 9:30 pm made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.



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