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CALL TO ORDER: 6:59 pm by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore
ROLL CALL: PRESENT- Dinsmore, Massey, Schiro, Thibault, Willis, Roberts, and Hijar

APPROVAL OF REGULAR MEETING MINUTES: Motion to approve the minutes dated 06/17/2020 made by Willis, 2nd by Schiro, motion carried

Mike: Dodge Pickup- Vicious dog at large utilize pickup to transport. Discussion over aggressive dogs and use of pickup. Decision made that Mike can use the Dodge to transport vicious or aggressive dogs.
Dog running; no person claims the dog, cannot capture. Discussion over dogs running loose. Decision made to allow Mike to look into using the dart gun.

Larry: Patrick Coke; hiring him for part-time driver, four days a week. Discussion over Patrick working here before and not working out. Discussion over handbook. Decision made.
Motion to hire Patrick Coke with a 90-day probation made by Hijar, 2nd by Thibault, motion carried. Willis opposing.
Equipment purchases, out of 4 yd and 6 yd dumpster. Discussion over purchasing additional dumpsters. Discussion over disconnects. Decision made to wait till disconnects are complete and go from there. 

Trustee Willis: Ken Hopkins wife is not doing well. Ken contacted about vacation days. Discussion over vacation time and sick time. Decision made.
Motion to pay Ken Hopkins 5 vacation days made by Willis, 2nd by Hijar, motion carried.

Davida: Pre-Trip; Truck 6 leak on hydraulic cylinder and air leak on rear brakes. Discussion over work completed on truck. Decision made that truck could run.
Retriever Merchant Solutions Credit Card Company: Who do you want to be the administrator? Also, the customers pay for the service. He can get set up this week, can’t do website but can get into office. Discussion over Retriever, Ron Hatfield. Decision made.
Motion to use Retriever Merchant Solutions made by Thibault, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.
Discussion over who is Administrator. Decision made for Davida to be named administrator.
Commissioner Board Room meeting: Housing in the County at 9:00 am tomorrow (07/02) morning.
Website: Needing a list of items from Board of Trustees. Have sent photos to be on the site. Discussion over have a historical page. Decision made that Trustees would try to get up shortly.
CRWPDA: Discussion over workshop and rate adjustments. No decision made.
Update from 524 Nebraska: Tooker’s. Trustees reviewed.
Ben Baughman: submitted a request for vacation days on July 9th and 10th, personal time.  Discussion over vacation days. Decision made to approve vacation days for Ben.
Davida Moreland: Day off request: July 9th for Doctor appointment. No discussion. Decision made Davida could take off.
Gary Stewart: Animal permit paid for poultry. Discussion over neighbors approving animals on his land. Decision made to approve the permit.
Medina Case: Mr. Torbet is his attorney and he is going to file in the correct court. Discussion over court he will be filing in. No decision made.
Collections lists: Wakefield and Associates just completed, Revenue Enterprises is updated and ready to add more. Discussion over collection lists and next steps.
SGS: Water results came in just wanted to point them out to each of you.
Mr. Austin Sanders dropped this letter (attached) into office to open a recreational shop here in Sugar City. 

Mr. Austin Sanders currently own grow on Maverick Lane, one of the first and smaller guys, is a family business. Have hired temporary workers from Sugar City and Ordway to work. One year of building and one year of growing, Ordway has two and Sugar City can use the business. Being in grow I see prices and I know what others sell product for, and it is over-priced. What they give me they are making four times the amount of what I am making at the grow level. Which in turn means it allows the town more taxes. Gives people the opportunity to come by and help Sugar City grow. Have looked into the building on the corner and the bar next door to put in a dispensary. Need the approval for taxes. Discussion over opening a dispensary in Sugar City. Discussion over setting up taxes. Decision made.
Motion if Mr. Sanders can get either building in proper condition to open a dispensary to do it made by Willis, 2nd by Hijar, motion carried.

Logan and Associates: Engagement letter to do our audit for 2020.
Motion to accept the engagement with Logan and Associates for Audit made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.

Resolution 501: read aloud (attached)
Motion to accept Resolution 501, motion died.
Discussion over why money is being appropriated and what budget was.
Motion to accept Resolution 501 made by Massey, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

Tracy Reece: Barking dog issue. The weed issue thought we had an understanding. This harassment and discrimination have got to stop. You guys finally can see what I was saying was the truth. Nate thank you for all of your help. I am the one being harassed. Joe’s dogs are out barking and barking proving that it is not my dogs causing the problems. I have received tickets over this, called the police and have been told it is a civil issue. Have a witness that had to step in between me and an officer because the officer put his hand up and threatened to hit me. I have been takin down because I was having a seizure, by Terry Reeves, thrown up against the wall of my house, hand cuffed and thrown on the ground. I don’t need this issue. I have asked Nate what we can do to get police protection in this town, since they have tied his hands. Discussion over dogs barking and whose dogs are the problem.
Willis: We as a city council cannot do anything about harassment that is a county issue. I know the sheriff’s office won’t do anything for us.
Hijar: What do you want the council to do for you?
Tracy: I want you to follow the law and treat all citizens equally. Where is my paperwork that I requested? Mr. Wilson gave me till the 22nd to get the shot records to the office.
Discussion over registering dogs and having vaccines. 

Wilson: In reference to Ordinance 321, how come this is the first time I am hearing about the barking dog issue. Nate: I have been taking care of it. Wilson: How long had the dog been barking? Tracy: About two hours. Wilson: Here is the thing the dog has to bark constantly for 15 minutes, if the dog stops barking for even one second the timer starts all over. 

Dinsmore: Tracy we need to move forward with this meeting.
Thibault: Not wanting a comment, just want you to know that it would bother me also. Tracy: Thank you.

BILLS: Motion to pay bills in the amount of $26,977.70 made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried. 

Nick: Tools; haven’t ordered yet.
Backhoe: running good
Mosquito Sprayer: Waiting for part to come in, Fuller’s will contact Nick once carburetor is fixed.

Hijar: Audits were completed for 2017, 2018, and 2019.
Dumpsters we should not buy from Tennessee, we should purchase from Colorado. Discussion over dumpsters from competitors. Decision made to wait before ordering more dumpsters. Discussion over hiring someone for Saturday to remove dumpsters. Decision made no work Saturday due to it being July 4th.

Thibault: Brought to attention by two Petty’s, about what was posted in the newspaper. Wasn’t aware until got screen shot. They contacted Davida and she told them it was from the minutes. I was told that you, Davida, tells the New Era what to write. Davida: No, I send them the minutes that you, the council, approves, that is it. If you look at the minutes from last time, they printed it beginning the new paragraph, but it was part of Nick’s report, what Nick was saying. I did talk to Ashley about it personally. Dinsmore: Have you put in for the rewrite? Davida: They haven’t even put in the rewrite about Betty being Mayor. Roberts: I don’t think we should put them into the newspaper at all.
Motion to stop putting Sugar City minutes in the newspaper made by Willis, 2nd by Hijar, motion carried.

Roberts: No Comment

Willis: Brought to attention by citizens, they appreciate the code officer. They would like him to be identified. Discussion over purchasing sign for Code Enforcement. Decision made.
Motion to purchase magnetic sign for Code Enforcement officer made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried. Hijar opposing.

Schiro: Several people have called and asked why the water pressure fluctuates over the weekend. Roberts; Need to get Broce over to look at the wells.
Discussion over having Broce come down. Discussion over pressure fluctuating. Decision made.
Motion to have Broce come and check the wells made by Roberts, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

Massey: No Comment

Dinsmore: Nick Blanco’s pay rate. Research for town maintenance on rates. Best average would help Nick with getting license and stop getting raise in future, that would be $16.50. With that he will be getting $27,720 then once he gets his water license that would put him up at $32,000.00 which is above the national average.
Motion to raise Nick’s pay to $16.50 made by Willis, 2nd by Hijar, motion carried.
Davida: When does that begin? Willis: Retro it to this pay period.

Spoke with Karen and was disputing the bill, her dispute was that she was not dumped all three of those days. Davida can remove have the bill.

Willis: What happened with Dawndi’s bill? Davida: Never heard back from her. She now has a tote.

Bay lights in the shop the ends are falling off. The ballast are bad also. Discussion over replacing them. Decision made to look into replacing.

Tony Moreland: If you are needing someone to help with picking up dumpster, I can help as long as I am not to busy at work that day. Dinsmore: That would be wonderful thank you Tony.

Motion to adjourn at 8:30 pm by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.



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