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CALL TO ORDER: 6:55 pm by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore
ROLL CALL: Present: Massey, Schiro, Hijar, Willis, Roberts, Dinsmore.  Not Present: Thibault

Discussion over Cemetery lots and who is going to be head of cemetery. Decision made that Trustee Schiro would take the lead.

MINUTES: Motion to approve minutes dated 07/01/2020 made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.

Davida: Bob Dunagan will stop by and measure the siding and order it from Rider Metal.
Dawndi Brewer is wanting a 1-yard dumpster to be dumped twice a month. Discussion over dumpsters and costs. Decision made that regular price for up to four dumps a month.
Tracy Reece had stated that she has a broken clavicle from the dog bite.
Rick Ferraro looked into 223 Nebraska and the roof on the chicken coop. He stated that it is a hazard and needs to be fixed or removed. The letter will be drafted tomorrow and will be sent to him to sign.
One of the disconnects from this month, they were disconnected and once they paid Nick went to turn them back on and they were already on. Discussion over meters and disconnects. Decision made that if they are disconnected, they are to be locked out.
Jon Irigoyen would like to take over as trash supervisor. Discussion over Jon doing trash supervision. Decision made that members of the board will meet with him.
Purchasing items for the dart gun. Discussion over purchases. Decision made that prices will be gathered.
Jeff at Pueblo Web Design: he is needing written information.
Terry McMillian can’t find a window for the van from the school. Discussion over window and van. Decision made to let Terry continue to look to find window.
Shop keys for the weekend. Discussion over who gets keys. Decision made to get a key for the Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem.
Davida will not be here on Friday, husband having surgery. Discussion over having vacation day or sick day. Decision made Davida can have sick day.
Need to incorporate a re-set fee for the trash containers. Discussion over prices needing to be changed. Decision made to have workshop.
What are we doing with the well house? Discussion over what is needing to be done to the building. Decision made to have Nick get prices and let the council know.
Where is the storm shelter for the Town of Sugar City? Discussion over where it used to be located. Decision made that Willis would contact Ronald Bauer and/or Byron Geringer from the Lutheran Church and Davida would contact Dr. Berg about the gym.
We are extremely low on dumpsters. Have orders for six additional six yards but we have none. Discussion over dumpsters and routes. Decision made.
Motion to purchase 5- 6 yd dumpsters, 5- 4 yd dumpsters, motion died.
Discussion over purchases.
Motion to purchase 5- 6 yd dumpsters, 5- 4 yd dumpsters, 5- 6 yd lids, and 5- 4yd lids made by Willis, 2nd by Hijar, motion carried.  Schiro opposing.
Andrea’s report the voicemails from Joe Rawski
Pre-Post Trip Truck 5: overheating problems. Discussion over garbage trucks.
Incident Report: Mowing next to south park a rock was thrown through the school van window. McMillian is looking for window with no luck so far. Discussion over window and incident.
Received additional Medina case information. No discussion.
Resolution 461: This is the resolution for watering, what streets can and when. No discussion.
Friday July 17 need off. Tony is having surgery. No discussion. Decision made Davida can have off.
Monday will get a copy of the cemetery map and the routes for trash.

Tracy Reece: Sorry late. Thank you for taking time to meet with me again. Willis: Thank you for getting everything legal within the town.
What can be done about Rawski threatening her? Discussion over threats. Decision made that the town can not do anything about threatening behavior.
What can be done about the Sheriff’s office? Discussion over Crowley County Sheriff’s office. No decision made.
Dinsmore: Thank you Tracy

Trustee Massey: Don’t like the price for the contract. It should be at least $19 or $19.50. Discussion over pricing and distance. Decision made to add to workshop.
Locks for the dumpsters. Taking time for Ben to do work and costs us in equipment. Discussion over locks and cost. Decision made to add to workshop.
Trash Supervisor: Discussion over John Irigoyen trash supervisor on trial basis.

Workshop scheduled for Wednesday, July 29th, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Ordinance # 322: Read Aloud. Discussion over ordinance. Decision made to add to workshop.

Taxes for Town: Discussion over having taxes for marijuana dispensaries. Discussion over asking Mr. Vigil, town attorney to assist in creating a tax if one is not in place. Decision made to look into another town attorney. 

Ark Valley Conduit: Tabled.

BILLS: Motion to pay bill in amount of $16,903.75 made by Willis, 2nd by Schiro, motion carried.


Massey: No Comment

Schiro: No Comment

Willis: Spent effort with Tracy Reece did comply with our requests. Make peace with her and our office.

Roberts: McCandless about Truck 7; sent part numbers, they are looking into ordering the parts.
Truck 6: Getting parts for.
Truck 5: Been running has overheating issue. Discussion over situations possible. No decision made.
Discussion over tires on truck 6; decision made for Davida to gather quotes and do phone poll to get them ordered. 

Hijar: Worried about shop. Thinking about security. County or State shop have been hit. With all our past and present employees, we need cameras on the doors of the shop. Willis: We do. Davida: I meant to tell you that Luis informed me he has been coming up here on Saturdays to check things out and everything is open. He does not know who is opening everything up.
Ark Valley Conduit: Should not participate in their service. If we can keep our wells, we should do that. Discussion over issues that may arise. Discussion over what water rights the town would still have. Discussion over water proxies. Decision made that Schiro and Roberts would get together and bring items to table at future date.

Dinsmore: 10:00 am Tomorrow morning (7/16) with Commissioners about housing, they would like a representative from each town.
Discussion over land in town and land out of town. Decision made for Davida would go to Assessor and research into county or town land.

Tony Moreland: Ran with Terry Short that Friday if you can keep him around. That guy is a hustler and he knows his sh*#. 

ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:43 pm made by Willis, 2nd by Hijar, motion carried.



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