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CALL TO ORDER: 7:04 pm by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore

ROLL CALL: Present- Dinsmore, Willis, Schiro, Massey, Roberts, Thibault, Sam Vigil(Attorney). Not present- Hijar

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion to approve minutes dated 08/19/2020 made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.

Mike – Not Present
Nick – Backhoe has hydraulic leak on the back in the arm. Discussion over fixing backhoe and where to get it fixed. Decision made that Trustee Roberts and Nick will check into it and have 4 Rivers fix.
Mower LT133 has two pully’s that are busted. Discussion over fixing and using to do vacant lots in town. Motion to purchase pully’s and fix mower made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.
Nebraska street has trees down from citizens cutting them down. Discussion over reasons we would move trees. Decision made that the citizen would be given the option to clean it themselves or town will clean and bill them.
Have a list of tools that I am needing to assist with town maintenance. Discussion over list of tools that are needed. Decision made that Nick will get a list and prices and bring to next meeting.

No Trash Report
After the guys are done dumping, they are leaving a pile laying on the ground. Discussion over who is leaving the mess. Decision made that Trustee Massey will come and talk with the crew.
Get air hose put on to each trash truck. Discussion over having air hoses on trucks. Decision made that Nick will get prices for them and bring to next meeting.
Heather DeHerrera- If my tote is full and there is extra trash on the ground, are they supposed to take it. Discussion over what they should and should not take. Decision made that they should take it and be charged accordingly.

Tracy Reece – Not present

Heather DeHerrera – Can the community come together and do a trunk or treat for Halloween. Discussion over Halloween and Fire Department. Decision made that the Town will partake in Halloween and Trustee Willis, Heather, and Davida will take the lead.

BILLS: Motion to pay bills in the amount of $15,792.05 made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.


Thibault: No Comment

Roberts: McCandless said truck 6 is fixed around $1,000. Going to get codes out of truck to keep on top of what McCandless is doing.

Willis: Get mower fixed and take care of the vacant lots.

Schiro: No Comment

Massey: Truck 6 is a money pit. Sell it while still running. Davida: Chris Archlute from Waste Service out of Pueblo called asking if we had a trash truck for sale. Discussion over selling truck 6 and purchasing another. Decision made that Trustee Massey will contact for sale and Mayor Dinsmore will contact for purchase.

Dinsmore: Anyone come up with three things to do with $25,000? Discussion over water meters and roads. Decision made that meters and roads will be first. Decision made to work up a budget for what needs to be saved for upgrades in the future.


REPORT: Davida
Wallace Oil: sell us the tank for $265; check is in the bills.
Steir Tire & Oil said that it is hard for them to deliver fuel every 10 days.
Mike Wilson brought in list of properties that need cleaned. 524 Iowa, 508 Iowa, 401 Colorado, 508 California and 302 California. Putting out for bid or just hiring someone? Discussion over properties and workers. Decision made to hiring people to do the work.
County used 128,000 gallons between January and August. Roberts; Need to look into getting a meter put on that hydrant to keep a better count. No decision made.
Received email from CML, do we have any policies or programs in regard to racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. No discussion. Decision is Town hires regardless of race.
Variance for Tracy Reece is from Jan 4, 2017 and she requested an 8-foot variance for a wooden fence, nothing was said about a wall. She is also saying that she is replacing a fence, so she doesn’t need the building permit. Discussion over her property and having a fence. Decision made that there has never been a fence around that property, only between the two properties.
Customer Mr. Klink called and stated that he was not picked up for a month. Discussion over customers being picked up weekly. Decision made that Mr. Klink can be credited back $132 for the month missed.
Mr. Whiteaker asked if we could do $20 a tote instead of $24? Discussion over number of totes to be used. Decision made to offer $22 per tote.
Received paperwork for 2021 insurance from CML. No Discussion. Decision made that there have been no changes.
Received an email about a new grant opportunity. Who would like to follow up with this? Discussion over grants. Decision made to have Trustee Willis look into.
Received an application for a laborer named Richard Baca.
Meter Deposits have been updated. There is a slight discrepancy between what we should have and what we do have. List is in the office if any of you would like to see it.
Used oil is getting full. Contacted Chubbuck Motors and they will take it if we deliver and it has no antifreeze or water in it. Discussion over who will take used oil. Decision that office would contact a couple of other to see if they will pick up.
Checks for Sugar City Disposal; right now, we are paying everything out of the General Fund. Motion to order checks for disposal made by Willis, 2nd by Thibault, motion carried.
Davida take a vacation day on September 21. No discussion. Decision made Davida can take vacation day.
Employee Cookout on September 8th at 2:00 pm. Discussion over trustees being in attendance and who is bringing what. Decision made that sign will be hung and Trustee Willis will go and purchase food for cookout.
Patrick came in office and stated that he would like to take over as supervisor. Also, stated that Larry got upset with him for not taking tires next to trash and not taking metal from customers. Discussion over what trucks pickup. Decision made that Trustee Massey will come in and have a meeting with all the trash crew.

ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn at 8:10 pm made by Roberts, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.



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