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CALL TO ORDER: 6:57pm by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore

ROLL CALL: Present – Hijar, Thibault, Roberts, Willis, Schiro, Massey, Dinsmore

Dinsmore: Who transcribed the minutes? Davida: They were taken from my hand-written notes. Dinsmore: OK

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion to approve minutes dated 11/18/2020 made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.

Executive Session: For discussion of a personnel matter under C.R.S. Section 24-6-402(2)(f) and not involving: any specific employees who have requested discussion of the matter in open session; any member of this body or any elected official; the appointment of any person to fill an office of this body or of an elected official; or personnel policies that do not require the discussion of matters personal to particular employees. Motion made by Willis, 2nd by Schiro, motion carried.

CALL TO ORDER: 7:20pm by Mayor Nathanael Dinsmore

Davida: Patrick turned in vacation request for December 8th and 9th. Discussion over vacation days. Decision made that Patrick can have his vacation days.
Page Plus: One of the phones from PagePlus is not compatible with them, we are needing to upgrade. Discussion over age of phone and purchasing a new one. Decision made to purchase a new flip-phone.
JJ Keller/Personnel Concepts: Personnel Concepts you just decided you did not wish to use any longer. JJ Keller just sent a price for 3 location (fire house, shop, and office) for 5 years $670.05. Discussion over posters. Decision to table till January 2021.
Martin Pipe & Steel sent a 10% discount for Christmas, send with someone to save the money. Discussion over using discount. Decision made to give discount to an employee to use for the company.
Retriever Merchant Solutions: Tried to cancel and they stated that we have a 4-year lease that is non-cancellable. Discussion over contract. Decision that Mayor Dinsmore will contact and take care of contract.
Minimum wage will go up January 1, 2021 to $12.32. No discussion.
Nick Blanco’s pay: He put down for vacation days. Due to COVID-19, being unsure which way to go. He was to be on quarantine for COVID, however did not take the time till off till 2 days before Thanksgiving. The employee handbook states that you have to work the scheduled day before and scheduled day after the holiday. Then came back on Friday. Due to that he can be paid sick pay for all 3 days but no vacation or holiday unless the council approves everything. Discussion over holidays and COVID. Decision made that Nick was approved for 2 vacation days and holiday pay.
Would like the council to schedule a workshop for January. Discussion over reason for workshop. Decision made to schedule at next meeting for January.
Letter to Citizen for entry on payment made incorrectly. No discussion.
Received several items from the Health Department today. Have only 1 copy, if anyone would like to look at, it is in the office.

Tracy Reece: Variance request is for an 8-foot fence for the south wall between 501 and 511 Colorado. The fence will be made up of brick and cedar. Motion made to approve the variance with easement excluded made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried. Hijar opposing.
Thibault: Can you cover the hole in the alley, it is in the easement. Discussion over trench and hole in alley. Decision made that Tracy will be sure to get it covered.
Ordinance 323 (2nd Reading) attached
Employee Christmas Party: Due to COVID-19 we can not have the party. No discussion.
Town Christmas Celebration: Do a drive-thru Santa. $7 – $8 bags stuffed and have Santa hand them to the kids. Have gifts from Mr. Mora that we can give out tickets and draw them on Monday then notify who receives a gift. Decision made to place an ad for Santa in the Ordway New Era. Have Santa ride around on a fire truck to notify children he is in town. Tony Moreland would you be interested in playing Santa for the Town. Tony: I will do it for you under one condition, the money that you would pay for Santa you take and purchase a meal or however many meals you can for needy families for Christmas. Discussion over cost. Motion made that the Town will spend $50 for two meals for two needy families made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.
Discussion over having the normal Christmas celebration for the Town. Decision made that Trustee Willis will move forward with drive-thru Santa and other members of the Council will do something else.
Issue with the laptop is we have no way to use for Christmas. What if we hold it and do a pancake breakfast and whomever pays for a ticket, their name is entered into the drawing for the laptop.

Tom Florez: Lifetime Sugar City resident. Dumpster at 501 California, told it is $132 per dump. Don’t want to pay for something didn’t use. Discussion over fee. Motion made to waive all trash fee made by Hijar. Motion died.
Motion to waive all dump fees for Mr. Florez made by Roberts, 2nd by Schiro, motion carried. Hijar abstaining.
Ordinance 325: 2nd Reading, attached.
Motion to accept ordinance 325 made by Roberts, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

Employee Christmas Bonuses. Discussion over previous years and bonuses. Motion to give $200 to each employee for Christmas bonus made by Willis, 2nd by Hijar, motion carried.

Budget: Jail fund. Discussion over what is in fund and why the travel fund for code enforcement is so high. Decision made to table till December 16, 2020

BILLS: Motion to pay bills in the amount of $5,135.10 made by Willis, 2nd by Thibault, motion carried.

Hijar: No Comment

Thibault: GPS on the dodge. Discussion over having a GPS on the dodge. Decision made to order another GPS for the dodge.

Roberts: Mr. Broce out on Sunday. We need to do a survey near the wells. Move wells 1 and 2, cost about $1,400, another $3,000 for electrical. Rough estimate to do all 3 wells it would be about $20,000. Talk with Mr. Hiatt, he pay half and town pay half or he pay all for the wells. This would be in addition to all tap fees required. Discussion over where moving the wells. Wells 1 goes down 25-30 feet and well 2 goes down 25-50 feet.
Change from using Clorox to using HDX. Discussion over which to use. No decision made.
Development with Dean Hiatt at the south of town, he is going to need a lift station for the sewer line, in addition to sewers.
On Colorado, the manhole got covered when they laid a new driveway. Discussion over the manhole and size. Decision made that it needs to be redone.

Willis: No Comment

Schiro: No Comment

Massey: No Comment

Dinsmore: No Comment


to adjourn 9:05pm made by Willis, 2nd by Schiro, motion carried.



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