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CALL TO ORDER: 7:02 pm by Mayor Pro-tem Willis

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Pro-tem Willis

ROLL CALL: Present: Willis, Schiro, Massey, Roberts, Hijar
Not Present: Thibault, Dinsmore

MINUTES: Motion to approve minutes dated 12/02/2020 made by Hijar, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.

Robert: 501 Iowa looks 100% better, looks like home not a junk yard. Discussion over property and work being completed
Monday had a brown rottweiler running loose, chased for 45 minutes. Never went to particular home, unsure of whose it is. Was a brown female dog with a grey collar. Discussion over dogs in town.
Waiting on the class for the tranquilizer gun. Discussion over training. Decision made Willis will look into.

Patrick: Not in attendance

Nick: Quotes from WinWater and Core & Main for water taps. We just did two and are out of supplies, we need to restock. WinWater $1128.62 and Core & Main $1200.00. This will give us two of everything for additional water taps. Discussion over prices and water taps.
Quote from 4 Rivers for a new cutting blade for that backhoe, this is for preventative maintenance. Discussion over backhoe.
Quote from DewCo for chlorine pump. Total is $220.99 this includes 5 hoses. Discussion over pump and hoses needed.
Motion to purchase Cutting blade from 4 Rivers for $235.52, all materials for water taps from Core & Main for $1128.62, and chlorine pump from DewCo for $220.99 made by Roberts, 2nd by Schiro, motion carried. Willis abstaining.

Davida: Complaint form from Sharon Sultz, read aloud (attached). Discussion over complaint. Code Enforcement handled situation.
Vacation request for Terry Short, December 23 and 24.
Vacation request for Davida Moreland, December 29, 30, and 31.
Vacation request for Patrick Coke, December 30 and January 20.
Discussion over vacation requests. Decision made all three requests were approved.
Terry Short received a warning ticket for the windshield on the dodge. Per Mayor Nate the truck was sent to have windshield fixed cost from SafeLite Auto Glass was $230.30. No discussion.
Customer Jennifer Duff called and stated that she does not understand the charge for the extra dump. I explained that the work order stated it was an extra dump not a miss that was the reason for the charge. She would like the charge removed, $15.00. There were no notes to indicate that she was missed. Discussion over charge. Decision made to remove additional charge from account.
Letter to dismiss Sam Vigil as town attorney. Discussion over Kanthaka Group: $400 monthly retainer, $125 hour for any other work completed. $80 for paralegal, $50 for law clerk. Discussion over new attorney. Decision made to wait and do phone poll later in week after trustees could meet with Mayor and discuss new attorney.

Mill Levy: Need to have council approve, sent to Kyle Logan and he said it was good to go. Motion to approve Mill Levy made by Massey, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.

Brent Frazee with Southern Colorado Economic Development District (SCEDD):
SCEDD has been around since 1960, mandated by Federal Government. We represent 13 counties in southern Colorado, one being Crowley. Main purpose is Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. Offer technical assistance, grant preparation assistance, and C.E.D.S. assistance. We are funded by membership dues, grants, and fees for services. Have direct relations with State and Federal, DOLA, as well as Colorado Small Business Development Center. Willis: What would our dues be? Brent: County pays the dues. Hijar: Where is office located? Brent: I am in Las Animas; main branch is in Pueblo. Roberts: Can you help with grants? Brent: I don’t write them but can guide you to someone that does. Here tonight to let you know that we are here, and we want to do business with you. Go to website and complete survey, takes 10 minutes. Please help with that. Thank you. Council: Thank you for coming.

Sewer Tap Fees: Hiatt developing the land, he will have to run sewer down the bar ditch and tie into the one down on Baltimore. If he ties in to the one off of Illinois, then the sewer would be above ground. Discussion over raising sewer rates. Motion to raise sewer raises $400 by Roberts, 2nd by Schiro, motion carried.
Also Mr. Hiatt will need to bring 14 shares of water with him to have enough water for the development. We are allotted 150-acre feet, which varies yearly. Also need to discuss with him about developing the property in town first before he develops and annexes into the town.
Discussion over development. No decision made.

Ordinance 326: read aloud, 1st reading.

Mayor Dinsmore arrived 8:40 pm.

BILLS: Willis: What is the fractured rock for? Davida: To put under the meter pits.
to pay bills in the amount of$11,810.19 made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.

Hijar: No comment

Roberts: Where are we on the Well House? Discussion over prices of construction materials right now. No decision made.

Willis: Need to look who is going to being our shot clinic this year.
Would it be possible for any of the trustees to come and help on Saturday. Discussion over Saturday. Decision made that Mayor would come and help place barricades for drive thru.
Would also like to thank Mr. Anthony Mora for the donated gifts for Christmas this year. Also, would like to send a Thank You to all the people who donated.

Schiro: No Comment

Massey: No Comment



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