Regular Meeting Minutes 02-02-22

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Town of Sugar City
Regular Meeting Minutes

CALL TO ORDER 7:04 by Mayor Dinsmore

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Led by Mayor Dinsmore

ROLL CALL Present- Dinsmore, Hijar, Paul, Willis, Massey, Davida

MINUTES Motion to approve minutes dated 1/19/22 made by Massey, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

Ashley Petty-
Discussed when bills would be out and if they will be right, would like her bill emailed, Willis discusses her bill, Hijar asked if meters need to be adjusted, Massey states they meters are being read manually also. Hijar asked about the readings, Petty asked about previous balance and amount paid. Massey states checks crossed with the bills so bills showed higher. Petty now pays with a card but is still confused. Hijar petty is a good meter to do checks on. Paul lag in posting payments. Petty hers is manual read meter. Paul cleared out from the past to fix the issue. Discussion over purchases of meters.


Clerk: Southeast water adopted their water budget if you all would like to see it.
USDA has annual statement of their loan.
Roy Elliot is having a meeting engineer are to meet Feb 15th at 1:00 pm Commissioners room in Ordway. Decision made that Trustee Hijar would attend.
Discussion over water shares.
AGRA sent a notice of meeting at Fowler golf course for the ground water and reservoir association. Feb 24th. Decision made Trustee Paul would attend.
Otero County Office of Commissioners: Water shares moved to new location and would like help to stop it.
Mr. Shultz sent the municipal code and notes from his legal aide.
Home sync information ready for mayor to sign.
Black hills contract is ready. Discussion over black hills contract. Decision to have attorney review it.
Connex they don’t make 32 ft just 20 ft and 40 ft. Cheapest found was $3800 plus a $1000 delivery fee. $7000 for a 40 ft out of Denver. Pueblo has a 20 ft is $2500 and 40 ft is $4500. Discussion over Connex. No decision made. 

Spare parts found we didn’t know was in there. Trucks 5 and 7 parts. Truck will be ready in a day or two it had leaked out four gallons of hydraulic fluid.  Hijar: Dodge truck only used for trash. Terry talked to Rick he will sell his transmission (whole Truck) for $1000. Scrap truck and make $300 to $400. Discussion over dodge. Tabled.

First National Bank: Discussion over adding office to accounts. Decision made wait.
Pittsburgh Tank: Discussion over tank inspection. Decision made to move forward with Pittsburgh.
Bookkeeper-Discussion over hiring someone to catch up the books. Debra Rigdon submitted an application for the position. No decision made.
Triad- Discussion over contract. Motion to pay for another 40-hour plan made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.
Speed bumps – Tabled
Generator- Discussion over where we need one. Decision made for Trustee Massey follow up with Terry and look at the pump house. Tabled.
Law posters- already discussed last meeting.
Sugar Factory Gates: Discussion over work and taking pictures for the Heritage Center. Peanut was shown what needed done and will give a bid and would like to donate money to the fire department.

Sue Korbitz: Rescheduled due to weather.
Ross would like to rent the Town Hall, 30 people on Sat Feb 12th Discussion over Town Hall rental. Decision made ok for Ross to rent.
Peacocks- Discussion over peacock ordinance. Tabled.
Cell phones- Discussion over new phones. Decision made to get prices.
Public service program: Discussion over utilizing program. Decision made to send to attorney for review.
Fire Department needs 4 new fire hose nozzles. Discussion over cost and doing more for fire department. Decision made to get prices and do a phone poll.

BILLS: Discussion over bills. Amazon bill? Tablet for the meter reads. Medina? Changing tires on trash trucks. Regina Tilton? Had credit on her account. Davida? Voter registration list town card in use by someone else. Track your truck? GPS. CRWA? Inspection on the sewers, end of last year and full inspection every two years. Motion to pay bills in the amount of $8576.65 made by Willis, 2nd by Paul, motion carried.
Andre Paul: payment for the work he helped with in the office? Discussion over volunteer position, no pay. Decision made to send to attorney.

Minutes have different issues that were or were not followed up on.
Paul: No Comment
Willis: No Comment
Massey: Dave willing to pick up Chlorine with personal truck. Discussion over picking up bleach. Motion to reimbursement Dave mileage at $.54 per mile made by Paul, 2nd by Willis. Motion carried.
Dinsmore: CCW is trying to take Sugar City water rights. Discussion over CCW meeting. Decision made to create a board for water with 6 members.

ATTORNEY REPORTS budget workshop, schedule before next meeting.

ADJOURN: 8.32pm Motion made by Willis, 2nd by Paul. Motion carried.

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