Regular Meeting Minutes 06/02/2021

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CALL TO ORDER: By Mayor Pro – Tem Willis at 7:04PM

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Pro – Tem Willis

ROLL CALL: Present: Mayor Pro- Tem Willis, Trustee Massey, Trustee Hijar, Trustee Thibault, Trustee Paul and Town Clerk Julie Sandoval.  Mayor Dinsmore absent and Trustee Schiro also absent.

Approval of minutes from 05/26/2021.

Trustee Hijar questioned the brush hog and mower issues Mrs. Sandoval explained that she had it clarified to be correct on the minutes. Motion by Trustee Paul to approve the minutes for 05/26/2021.

Second by Trustee Hijar

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.


Clerk and Treasurer report given by Mrs. Sandoval. Mrs. Sandoval reported that the town was allocated 15-acre feet of project water for a cost of $1,589.00.

A discussion was brought up concerning state wage employee taxes not paid from Oct 2018, further investigation will be done on this matter.

A discussion was between Trustee Paul and Mrs. Sandoval due to an appointment cancelled by Trustee Paul with the water guy Chuck. Mrs. Sandoval requested communication. Trustee Paul apologized.

Discussion took place about Mayor Dinsmore approved and set up a person to come and inspect the meters for double what the other person in Eads will do it for, some other approvals done by the mayor without the council’s authorization or even knowing about such arrangements were also discussed.

Town Maintenance approached the council concerning his intent to resign effective Friday. Mr. Pappan stated he received a phone call while he was off and helping a friend when the mayor called him and was screaming and yelling so loudly at him that the people Mr. Pappan was with heard the confrontation as well. Mr. Pappan stated he originally wanted on the agenda to face the mayor and it is unfortunate that the mayor is not present for the meeting. Mr. Pappan stated that he does not and will not allow anyone to speak to him the way the mayor did and that no one deserves to be treated that way, and his blood pressure is not good to have to deal with the issues.

Mr. Pappan stated the well meters need to be done and the line on the pump at the well house needs to be replaced and he will work to get as much stuff done as possible before his last day on Friday.

Mr. Pappan stated that to replace the riding mower would cost approx. $120.00, $78 dollars for the drive belt and $45 dollars for the deck belt.

Trustee Massey made a motion to approve $120 dollars to fix the lawn mower.

Second by Trustee Hijar

All in favor: Aye

All opposed: None.

Motion Carries

The question was asked who was putting in the new meters and would David Pappan help put them in, and David Pappan stated if he is available, he will help install the well meters provided we have all the parts needed.

Trustee Paul made a motion to purchase all the bolts and parts and seals to install the new meters at the well if we do not have the necessary parts.

Second by Trustee Thibault

All in favor: Aye

All opposed: None.

Motion Carries

Trustee Massey stated that anyone ordering anything needs to talk to Luis first to see what has already been ordered before buying more stuff.

Mayor Pro – Tem suggested Trustee Paul and Trustee Hijar work together on the water part of the town’s needs.

Code Enforcement Officer Robert Tooker reported he had spoke to S & S Porta Potty for Tent City and they will charge $100 Dollars a month and clean once a month. Mr. Tooker stated pea gravel is approx. $500.00 for 20 ton and the road base for free.The sign 4X4 with rules will cost $200.00, So, to get the ball rolling on Tent City will cost $850.00 no more than $1000 with the bathroom porta potties.

Trustee Massey made a motion approve $1000 dollars from the Conservation Trust Fund but check with the county first for pea gravel and road base, use remaining money for flowers or something like that.

Second By Trustee Thibault  

All in favor: Aye

All opposed: None.

Motion Carries

Old Business:

Ord. # 330 second reading done. Ord signed into effect to begin getting enforced.

New Business:

No new business

BILLS:  No Bills were done to have approved.


Mayor Pro- Tem Willis stated she would like to have Davida’s name removed from the website and her recorded voice off the answering machine.

Trustee Thibault stated trash doing well. We need a battery for the dodge truck.

Trustee Massey stated he was trying to spend time with Dave around town. Terry will do a good job with the town. Trustee Massey also suggested making sure the park is properly fertilized.

Discussed concrete about handy cap sidewalk, 2.4 yard for sidewalk and for hole by caboose.

And Kenny will be putting a bid in any day now with the town.

Trustee Paul discussed some grant options he was working on.

Mayor Pro -Tem Willis stated Travis started @ park but is wanting to not mess up and cause ruts in the park. Court is starting to collect on fines and court cost.

Public Comments

No Public comments

 Motion by adjourn meeting by Trustee Massey at 8:07 PM

Second by Trustee Paul

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Meeting adjourns at

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