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CALL TO ORDER: By Mayor Dinsmore at 6:52 PM

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Nathaniel Dinsmore

ROLL CALL: Present: Mayor Dinsmore, Mayor Pro- Tem Willis, Trustee Massey, Trustee Roberts and, Trustee Hijar and Town Clerk Julie Sandoval.  Trustee Schiro and Trustee Paul absent.

Approval of minutes from 09/15/2021.

Motion by MPT Willis to approve the minutes for 09/15/2021.

Second by Trustee Hijar

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Old Business:

Old business concerning the security system for the town hall and the wells.

Brett Dillinger spoke to the council and gave an overview of choices and pricing for a hybrid video recorder included the hardware, cameras, software, and service. Along with a yearly services plan costing approxamintly $1,600. Mr. Dillinger explained the total cost to get started would be $2,825.96, the town would be responsible for 50% down before and the balance would be due after setting up is complete. Trustee Roberts made a motion to purchase the security system in the amount of $2,825.96.

Second by Trustee Hijar

All Agreed: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Public comments:

No public comments


Mrs. Sandoval gave clerk report and began by saying she posted another ad in the paper for office help. Mrs. Sandoval discussed having appt. on the 14th of October and would need the day off. The council agreed to put a notice on the door and close for that day. Mrs., Sandoval also reminded the council of Columbus Day being a holiday and posting it on the door. Mrs. Sandoval stated that her and Trustee Massey got the parts for the swings ordered, and the 2 pumps with the floats have also been ordered.

Code Enforcement Officer Mr. Tooker gave his report starting with the hotel has been completely booked and is ready for the 13, 14, 15 of October. Mr. Tooker stated he would need to take the town card for his meals and to give to the hotel. The council decided to write a check for Mr. Tookers meals ahead of time and to call the hotel and make sure the hotel is paid and he will not need a card to stay. So, the town card stays her just incase it is needed for something here while Mr. Tooker is gone. Mr. Tooker discussed last Monday being a holiday and MPT Willis stated that it was a state holiday not a federal holiday and we only recognize the federal approved holidays.

Mr. Tooker stated he needs a phone for town business, so he did not have to give his personal information to the public some ideas where to get code enforcement a pager but then again when he calls back people are getting his personal phone number. Mayor Dinsmore stated he would look for a flip phone for Mr. Tooker and for our CDL driver Fernando.

Mr. Tooker brought up some issues about council members specifically Trustee Hijar’s yard and keeping them clean as per ordinance, stating he cannot in good conscious give people tickets and expect people to comply when council members do not follow the ordinances and/or set the example council should not be asks to clean their yards.

Mr. Short gave a report for the maintenance department saying the water and town business are going well. However, the sanitation department have no leader and are constantly coming to him for guidance. Mayor Dinsmore stated that no one on the trash crew wants to step up to be supervisor so they have zero room to come to you for anything, tell them it’s not your concern. Mr. Short also stated the trash crew are requesting an air compressor. Mr. Short also mentioned to the council that he found the towns drill.

New Business:

Trustee Hijar wanted to purchase a new toilet for the shop stating it does not flush. Trustee Roberts stated there is a sign on the wall telling them to pull the handle up after flushing so water will run back up into the toilet. Trustee Hijar also suggested buying a coffee pot for the sanitation crew because theirs broke because they left it on while it was empty. The board decided that they could have the Keurig machine in the town hall out in the shop and they are responsible for purchasing their own coffee for it.

Bills $ 17,997.08

MPT Willis made a motion to approve the bills in the amount of $17,997.08.

Second by Trustee Roberts

All in favor: Aye

All opposed: None.

Motion Carries


Trustee Hijar discussed where to put the new fuel tank and coming up with a plan for the concrete base for it. Trustee Roberts stated he would like to see all the electric done at the same time.

Mayor Dinsmore would like to go to Martin pipe and pick up some sheets to repair dumpsters.

MPT Willis made a motion to approve the purchase of 2 tablets for the sanitation drivers.

Second by Trustee Massey

All in Favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

MPT Willis made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:38 PM

Second by Trustee Paul

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38 PM

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