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7:00 P.M.

CALL TO ORDER By Mayor Dinsmore at 6:57 PM

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Led by Mayor Nathaniel Dinsmore

ROLL CALL Present: Mayor Dinsmore, Mayor Pro- Tem Willis, Trustee Massey, Trustee Roberts, Trustee Hijar and Trustee Schiro and Trustee Paul, Town Clerk Julie Sandoval all present. 


Motion by MPT Willis to approve the minutes for 10/06/2021.

Second by Trustee Hijar

All in favor: Aye

Trustee Schiro and Trustee Paul Abstained

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.


Bill Long introduced himself and Leann Noga being with Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District and the Arkansas Valley Conduit. Mr. Long explained there is now extra monies to start the project and he would like to have a work session with the council for approxamintly 1 hour to explain the project and who is responsible to pay for what and when and to try to come up with ideas on what we need and what they need and to try to reduce the cost. Mayor Dinsmore stated he will work with Leann Noga to set up a date for the workshop.

Dave Parker addressed the council concerning some issues he was having with a coworker. He addressed his issues and continued by saying he does not appreciate this employee giving his personal phone number out to employers looking to hire. Mr. Parker stated he does not need any help getting a job and for this employee to indicate that he does makes him very upset, and he would appreciate some sort of disciplinary action be taken. I have cut hours and you are giving those hours to him and that’s not right. Mr. Parker also stated he felt a lot better getting the stuff done he needed on the trucks when Trustee Roberts was overseeing the maintenance, right now he does not feel like the trucks are being tending to the way they should be under the direction of Trustee Hijar. Mr. Parker stated that anytime he has tried to mention any problems to Trustee Hijar he is told to just not talk to the other employee. Mayor Dinsmore questioned Trustee Hijar if he knew about Mr. Parkers phone number being given out? Mayor Dinsmore questioned why does Mr. Parker not just take the supervisor position? Mayor Dinsmore stated if you take the supervisor position you set the standard of what is expected from an employee and if the standard is not met, well than what happens when someone does not do what is expected? Mr. Parker ask for two days to decide on rather he would take the position or not. Mr. Parker stated it sounds like something he would be interested in doing.

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In the meantime, Mayor Dinsmore stated that himself and Trustee Hijar would address the issue that Mr. Parker brought to their attention. Mayor Pro Tem Willis stated she feels that Mr. Parker can tell his drivers what is expected of them and would be able to communicate fine with Trustee Roberts. Trustee Schiro questioned if there were issues with the trustee that is in charge, or do you feel there is a problem there? Mr. Parker stated he was not comfortable with Trustee Hijar nothing against him but when Trustee Roberts is helping, things get done and he is fair and tells people straight up.  Mayor Dinsmore stated people don’t like to be told if they don’t like something to go get another f&^% job either. After some back and forth Mayor Dinsmore asked Trustee Roberts if he would be interested in helping with the trucks again? Trustee Roberts stated he would jump back in there and do it. Trustee Paul stated he would like to call an emergency executive session at this time and was told he could not do that by the mayor and mayor pro tem. Mr. Parker has some ideas he would like to discuss with the council. Mayor pro tem Willis suggested if you supervise the crew then Trustee Roberts can maintain the trucks and our drivers need to be told what is expected and managed so we can step out of it, and if you have problems then come and bring it to the council. The council thanked Mr. Parker for bringing his concerns to them.

Clerk report given by Julie Sandoval begin with announcing she had ordered 2 flip phones one for the code officer and one for Fernando one of the sanitation drivers and that we have received them, and they are being charged and will be given to the 2 individuals in the morning.

Mrs. Sandoval discussed the 2020 audit she explained that Mr. Trainer had been hospitalized and was sick and he would not be able to complete the town audit.

Mrs. Sandoval announced there would be a dedication for the restoration of the Sugar City factory gates being held at the heritage center in Crowley and they would like for members of the council attend and show support. The dedication will be held at 6:30 October Thursday the 21st. The clerk also questioned decorating the town sign by the caboose for Halloween and stated she needed to let Holly Mccustion know so they can judge the sign for all the towns on October 29th in the A.M.

Code Enforcement Report by Robert Tooker began by getting approval for 2 chicken permits in town one for Mr. Haberer, he has 2 chickens and a roaster he has paid his fees for both and has had his coop inspected. The second being Mr. Branch also has a chicken coop and paid fees and requesting a permit. Mr. Tooker stated he educated proper cleanup of chicken coop and yard and stated that he did not feel that neither person needed the education as the coops where very nicely done. Mayor Pro Tem Willis questioned if he checks on the coops on a regular basis and Mr. Tooker stated yes, he does, and everyone is informed they are subject to random inspections.

Mayor Pro Tem Willis made a motion to grant a permit for keeping chickens in town for Mr. Haberer and Mr. Branch.

Second by Trustee Massey

All in favor: Aye

All opposed: None

Trustee Schiro abstained

Motion carries.

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Mr. Tooker informed the council concerning an Ordinance #244 sec 3(N) explaining that the trash trucks can no longer be washed out in the back area they have to be taken to a designated wash area such as the car wash. Some discussion was made on ideas concerning the issue, the council will revisit this at next meeting.


Mayor Pro Tem Willis instructed Mr. Tooker to have anyone interested in the neighborhood watch to be at the next council meeting.


Mayor Pro Tem Willismade a motion to pay the bills in the amount of $ 7,097.62.

Second by Trustee Hijar

All in favor: Aye

All opposed: None

Motion carries.


Trustee Hijar mentioned some items pertaining to the sanitation department and 90-day review for George. Trustee Hijar suggested a workshop be scheduled for these issues on Wednesday October 27th at 7PM.  

Trustee Paul started off by stating he has requested a legal investigation as to the transfer of Sugar City water to Aurora. Trustee Paul stated he wanted to have this discussion behind closed doors and was refused and he stated he wants an investigation as to how the town is spending their money and that’s all he is saying about that at this time. The other council members questioned when this transfer supposably took place and what Trustee Paul was talking about. Trustee Paul stated he was not obligated to discuss anything else. Trustee Paul stated he was not going to be on this earth for very much longer. Mayor Dinsmore stated that Trustee Paul sounded like a nut case. The mayor stated he would like to know who Trustee Paul spoke with in the IRS Trustee Paul stated he has a number that shows he works for the IRS and has a number and Mayor Dinsmore stated he thinks he is lying, and he will call him on this and he wants to know Trustee Paul’s number.

Trustee Roberts informed the council that the home sync security company would be down on the 1st and the 3rd of November to get the security system transferred over and going.

Trustee Roberts reported that truck # 5 is still being worked on and the cost will be up there as they have put in a new radiator and the truck has several other issues being tended to.

Trustee Roberts also brought up the write up for Mr. Gill stating that altering the document was illegal after Trustee Roberts signed it and Trustee Hijar should not have done so, and For Mayor Dinsmore and Trustee Hijar to take it upon themselves to decide not to give the write up to Mr. Gill was not their decision it was a council decision, and the Mayor and Trustee Hijar should stop making decisions on their own.  Trustee Roberts wanted to clarify with Mayor Dinsmore that he did not tell anyone of the employees that if they did not want a f%%^^ job, and I have witnesses to the fact. Mayor Dinsmore told Trustee Roberts he was a liar and Trustee Roberts told the mayor he was a liar. Trustee Roberts also said that it was not Trustee Hijar or the mayor that got threatened or cussed at by an employee, so they had no right to change his document

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after he signed it. The mayor stated he did not change it and trustee Hijar told him yes, he did change a few things, so what. Trustee Roberts then stated they had no right to decided not to give him the write up and that was not their place to make that discission. Mayor Dinsmore said yes, it is and yes , and yes I did make the discission to not write him up, Trustee Schiro told the mayor that is not his place it should be a council decision. The mayor said no because they don’t oversee trash, Trustee Schiro stated that it is the council’s decision to write up an employee and all of us agree to give him the write up and it should have been given to the employee. Mayor Dinsmore stated you know why I did not give him the write up because the next day Trustee Roberts went out and cussed at him so that was Trustee Roberts reprimand. Trustee Paul asked who gave Mayor Dinsmore the right to make these decisions and Mayor Dinsmore stated the 30 people that elected me. Trustee Paul stated this is a council we all have say. Mayor Dinsmore said no this is not how it is. Trustee Paul said you are wrong, and you are incorrect so don’t interrupt me. Mayor Dinsmore said is there something you want to say to me? Trustee Paul collected his paperwork and walked out, for a break. Trustee Schiro stated here we go back into the same old thing. Mayor Dinsmore said he assigns department heads and Trustee Schiro is here zero percent of the time. Trustee Schiro stated he has lived here his whole life and he cares about this town and the mayor just moved here. The mayor started yelling “if you cared Tom where were you when Betty was ripping off this town for thousands of dollars? Where were you when this town was getting screwed, I was here and fought it to the end and I fixed it and I ran the people out that were screwing this town so don’t look at me and tell me I don’t care Tom.” Trustee Paul came back in and said the issue is you are going I.. I.. I.. I.. this is Sugar City not Nate Ville, Mayor Dinsmore told Trustee Paul not to come back into the meeting. Trustee Paul said get your ego and take it out somewhere else, we are here for the town a better place so shut your mouth and get it right. Mayor Dinsmore yelled at Trustee Paul not to tell him to shut his mouth and Trustee Paul left the meeting, Trustee Schiro stated he was leaving too. Mayor Dinsmore said good you want to be quitters I hope to see your resignation letters. Trustee Schiro said he was not quitting and is not a quitter, but he was done listening to Mayor Dinsmore.

Mayor Dinsmore told Trustee Massey to start talking about concrete or something. Trustee Massey explained how a wash system would need to be done. Mayor Dinsmore interrupted Trustee Massey saying stop right there while there is still 3 of you sitting here, I am adjourning, Mrs. Sandoval stated that Mayor Pro Tem Willis just stepped out for a second because she was having a panic attack and she would be back, and Trustee Roberts is in the restroom cause his phone is still here. Mayor Pro Tem came back into the room and Mayor Dinsmore stated he adjourned the meeting she said you can’t unless there are four of us in here that is why I came back in, but I was having a panic attack with all your screaming, and she said she still had something to say. Mayor Dinsmore apologized to Mayor Pro Tem Willis for screaming. MPT Willis discussed a few detailed concerning the chili supper, craft fair, Santa Dec 4th, or 11th,           she said she would contact the health department and speak with Sue Corbitz and see if we are allowed to have the chili supper and craft fair and if they say yes then Mrs. Sandoval and I will go get donations, if we can not have it we can do the drive by like last year and still get donations for gifts and stockings for the kids, may just be a bag of candy and a toy for the kids.

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Meeting from 10/20/2021 page 5 continued


No public comments.

(Those individuals interested in speaking please sign in at the beginning of the meeting. Please limit public comments to three minutes. No action will be taken on new issues until the board has time to investigate and consider the issue.


Mayor Pro Tem Willis made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:18 PM

Second by Trustee Massey

All in Favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Trustee Paul and Trustee Schiro absent for end of meeting.

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