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CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Dinsmore called thismeeting to order at 6:58 PM

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Nathaniel Dinsmore

ROLL CALL: Present; Mayor Dinsmore, Trustee Paul, MPT Willis, Trustee Schiro, Trustee Massey. Trustee Hijar absent

The Town Trustees excepted Trustee Thibault’s resignation

Swear in Trustee Eric Roberts:

Phone poll was taken to except the letter of intent for Eric Roberts to be placed back on the council on June 24, 2021, results were as follows:

Trustee Massey – Yes

MPT Willis – Yes

Trustee Schiro – Yes

Trustee Paul – undecided

Trustee Hijar – No

Majority voted Yes.

Trustee Roberts is present at meeting and sworn in and took his Trustee seat at this time.

Approval of Minutes:

Motion made by MPT Willis to accept the minutes as written for 6/16/2021.

Second by Trustee Schiro

All in favor: Aye Trustee Roberts abstains.

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.


Clerk report given by Julie Sandoval, the council was informed about a Dola grant that Mrs. Sandoval filed for and the town received for $31,795.74 and will receive another $31,795.74 next year, the council was told that the monies can only be used to promote tourism and new businesses in town, bike path stuff, etc.

Mrs. Sandoval passed out a flier for anyone interested in a joint meeting for CWPDA/ AGUA being held at OJC on July 22, 2021, at 1 PM. Mrs. Sandoval introduced a new supplier for mosquito spray and informed the council that we could not order this late in the season, but they would be able to order for next year if they are interested in using some new stuff from a new company called Veseris.

Mrs. Sandoval explained she received an email from Kyle Logan stating that the town needed to file an extension for our audit as we only had until the end of July to get this done. Mrs. Sandoval explained she downloaded and filled out the information and just needed a signature from the mayor so she can scan and send into the state auditor for an extension giving us until sept to complete the 2020 audit.

Mrs. Sandoval handed out a flier with pricing on it for a new soft ware program that would work with our website and billing and our meter reading program to download meter reads in the utility software and be able to run quick books for all other areas of business such as payroll, account receivable and account payable.

Mrs. Sandoval discussed pricing for the front desk computer stating that Josh the town IT guy estimated wiping the computer and re downloading the programs on it will start at $90.00 and go up. For a new computer Josh suggested we needed a I3 processor for the front desk and a I5 processor for one of the desk computers and he stated that the cost for these would be starting at $1000 and go on up. Trustee Paul stated he would check on this and report back to the council next week.

Mrs. Sandoval mentioned to the council concerning 2 sanitation workers Ben and Fernando have met their 90 days and was asking for a review of their work performance. The council agreed they would discuss this at the next meeting.

Code Enforcement Officer Robert Tooker suggested contracting Lonnie Carpenter to do clean up 3 properties and the town assessing a lien on the properties for the money back that is paid to Mr. Carpenter. The (3) properties are Paul Thomas, Danny Hopkins and 401 Colorado. Trustee Paul made a motion to hire Lonnie Carpenter for contract labor to clean the yards (2) on Iowa and (1) on Colorado and to assess the charges against the house.

Second by Trustee Roberts

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Mr. Barber send information as to how to condemn a house that has been extremely helpful. Mr. Tooker stated we need to first send a certified letter and that has been done.

MPT Willis stated she spoke to Atterbury ex-wife, and she stated she did not know where he lived because they meet in Pueblo to transfer kids for visitation. Mr. Tooker explained the rest of the process to be able to condemn and tear down the house. Mayor asked to be involved with the phone call from EPA and or Fema concerning the burnt house on Colorado. The mayor stated he wanted to know if we can go in and start cleaning it up if the wind is blowing pieces of the house around.

Mr. Tooker discussed the Code enforcement training and certification training would be Oct 13 through the 15th and was being held at the Douglas County Fair grounds and the cost would be $375.00. The mayor suggested a phone poll when Mr. Tooker gets a total amount on the cost for room and board for the Code enforcement convention.

MPT Willis made a motion to approve to pay for Mr. Tooker to attend code enforcement training and per diem and food pending phone poll.

Second by Trustee Massey

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Mr. Tooker discussed with the council concerning a Mr. Flores at 521 Idaho. Mr. Tooker explained how he seen a car at 521 Idaho and stopped to talk with the occupant concerning his high weeds and renewing his chicken permit. Mr. Flores started screaming and cussing to Mr. Tooker backing Mr. Tooker back toward his truck and he physically assaulted Mr. Tooker and tried to close the truck door on him. Mr. Flores throw a chair at Mr. Tookers truck.

MPT Willis suggested purchasing a body cam Willis stated she believes the council already approved a body cam to be purchased and the mayor agreed.

Mr. Tooker asked that Mr. Flores have to come to a meeting and ask to keep his chickens and Mr. Tooker also would like a council member to accompany him if Mr. Flores is allowed to keep his chickens to inspect the coop per the ordinance.

MPT Willis and the mayor instructed Mr. Tooker to send Mr. Flores a letter explaining Mr. Flores right to jhabve chickens has been revoked and what he need to do.

Mr. Tooker had some discussion concerning the ribbon cutting ceremony for tent city and who he has invited to attend, and he stated the ceremony is scheduled July 30 at 10:30 AM and stated he was reaching out to bike groups to attend.

Town Maintenance Terry Short addressed the council to give a report that everything is starting to run smoothly. Mr. Short suggested having Mrs. Sandoval order and get a standing order for the chlorine delivered on a schedule Mr. Short stated that the chlorine pump is up and running and the numbers for the water are looking good.

Mr. Short suggested to the council about investing in another weed eater so the guys can get more work done, all the council agreed.

Mr. Short discussed finishing the dirt hill and the BBQs are finished being painted at tent city.

Concerning the water Mr. Short stated that Mr. Hernandez has all the stuff for testing the water and the waterlog for now to make sure all the numbers are good.
Mr. Short reported they have been working on the potholes in town.

Trustee Roberts questioned getting some cold mix to use for holes.

Mr. Short suggested waiting until fall to get his water certification. MPT Willis informed Mr. Short

That the council appreciates him stepping up and he is doing a great job.

Approval of Bills:

MPT Willis Questioned what we bought at the pharmacy Mrs. Sandoval explained to get balloons for the flea market in June.

MPT Willis made a motion to approve and pay the bills in the amount of $29,206.77.

Second by Trustee Paul

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Trustee Comments:

Trustee Roberts mention getting the GPS up and going and installed in the 2 new trucks.

Trustee Roberts reported that items are being collected so the well meters can be done, and they are discussing putting in shut off valves to isolate each meter so only one well at a time needs to be shut off to replace a line or in an emergency situation. Trustee Roberts also discussed having someone come and clean out well #3 casing because it is building up too much pressure. 

MPT Willis discussed finding out who las animas went through to have volunteers paint some of the houses in town to make the town look better. MPT Willis also stated she was almost hit by the trash truck being drove by Fernando coming out of the alley way too fast and she suggested having honk before exiting the alley.

Trustee Massey wanted to thank Mr. short and Mr. Tooker for the work they have done and stepping up to finish Tent City. And Thanked Mrs. Sandoval for getting the Grant from Dola.

Mayor Dinsmore suggested having a sit down with Dave and Trustee Roberts and Trustee Massey.

Mayor Dinsmore gave an update on Mr. Slusher and the damage on his house Mayor Dinsmore discussed how they fixed the ditch, and he has dumped some dirt in the hole where Mr. Slusher has been washed out. Mayor Dinsmore reported Mr. Slusher was happy so far with the work done. Mayor Dinsmore also suggested renting the skid steer again and doing some more ditches in the town.

Trustee Roberts suggested having the trash guys come in and have a talk with them again.

Trustee Paul gave a report on the grants he was looking at, he stated he was behind on getting things done and he would like input on things the trustees would like to see done in the town. Trustee Paul suggested having a workshop to discuss personnel matters and the ideas for the grants.

Public Comments:

Mrs. Cloer spoke concerning the computer at the front desk stated we need to make sure the computer fits the program we use in the office. Mrs. Cloer was also questioning why the sheriff’s office will not step up and do their job?

Mrs Moody Approached the council concerning a vacant property behind her house that had out of control weeds and she has seen snakes coming out of the property and she was concerned as she has chickens in her yard and does not want the snakes getting her chickens and she stated she walks around outside at night and does not want to run into a snake. She questioned the council about a timeline for getting the property cleaned up and ask if that property (Danny Hopkins place) could be first to be done? Mr. Tooker informed her that the council had approved for a contract laborer to go in and clean the property this next week.

No other comments.

MPT Willis made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 PM.

Second by Trustee Paul

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Meeting Adjourned.

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