Regular Meeting Minutes

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Town of Sugar City
Regular Meeting Minutes

CALL TO ORDER: 7:01by Mayor Dinsmore

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Led by Mayor Dinsmore

ROLL CALL Present- Dinsmore, Hijar, Paul, Massey. Not present – Willis

MINUTES Motion to approve minutes dated 2/02/22 made by Paul, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Cloer- Wants to know how many people have turned in for names on ballots. Ask people if they would consider dropping council members down to four on the ballot. Discussion over lowering members. Decision made to have it on the ballot if we can in time.
Petty- Water board, discussion over who can be on it, would not be put in place until next election. Post on door we are accepting applications for the water board, six people needed.

Town hall rental, discussion over prices. $25 dollar an hour- 3 hour minimum.
DOLA late notice on budget.
Logan and Associates and Jackson Hewitt, sent a quote to work on budget.
Trash account is bad again. Transfer, $50,000 to trash account, approved.

Sanitation: Waiting on Conex, they are doing good, looks nice.

Code Enforcement- Vaccine clinic, Peak View has agreed Wednesday March 9th, 2022 from 10 to 3, spayed and neuter, waiting on the exact amount, about $20. We had a good turn out and would like to get them a discount again if the vaccine and register the same day. Discussion over request. Feral Cats, trapping, 5 to 6 kennels, working with Amy to get more kennels, New ordinance code, dogs and cats, a lot better worded, homeowner are not being penalized.
Motion to provide Code Enforcement $500 to pay for spay, neuter, and vaccine. Reduce our fee by 50% for early registration made by Paul, 2nd by Gary, motion carried.
Robert Tooker is stepping down from his position. Preposing for interview and be on the interview process, Train and get them ready for the job. Ad in paper.
Mr. Cloer on Zoom asked a Question about fireworks and permits for them? Dinsmore, call the sheriff’s office and let town hall know. Tooker, Fireworks section in the New ordinance, High winds are the problem.

OLD BUSINESS- Cell phones, Cricket, T-mobile, Viaero, Discussion over phones, Cricket will be the new company. Three phones flip Phones from Cricket.
Black Hills is ready for contract.
Dodge- driving it, transmission isn’t shifting to 3rd gear, transmission shop to repair. And test it.
Speed Bumps – tabled.
Generator – tabled.
National Sugar Factory gates- tabled.
Not present
Olsen- Town put in a hydrant at the gates, discussion over where water line located. Decision made a hydrant will be put in.
CWA– Rescheduled – Sub for Nate, Massey will go in Nate’s place.
Reece Variance. Hasn’t been able to rent equipment. Town dig the ditch, she will pay.
Motion for a 6-month variation made by Hijar, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.

BILLS: CIRSA $8939.84 added into bills changing from $38,772 to $47,712.51, discussion over bills. Elliot worked on the trash truck. Valley Oil delivered fuel.
Triad computers 40-hr contractor.
Motion to approve bills in amount of $47,712.51 made by Paul, 2nd by Hijar, motion carried.

Bookkeeper- interviews
Paul: AGRA meeting 24thquestions over meeting. Discussion. Sam Wilson is our representative.
Grant season found a grant Department of AG community development initiative. 50g to 250g with the town matching it. Provide tech assistant to create community center rural housing, needs ideas about what is necessary for what we want. How do we get the conversations going?  Update website and on bills.
Massey: Mrs. Gomez ever year in spring paid someone to pick up trash, takes from parks and rec with her name.
Dinsmore: MeetingAGRA- pay to tap into the lines at Ordway, county wants to take over so they can get grants, we can use but don’t have to, if well(s) go down we can utilize. County paying and wants a blending station. Fees $2.20/1000 gal. Debt repaying side, $3.20/1000 gals, not locked in. Tabled.
Wash Station for trucks; CDOT has a new system they would like to tie into our sewer systemADJOURN: Motion to adjourn at 8:28 made by Paul, 2nd by Hijar, motion carried

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