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CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Dinsmore called thismeeting to order at 6:55 PM

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Mayor Nathaniel Dinsmore

ROLL CALL: Present; Mayor Dinsmore, Trustee Paul, MPT Willis, Trustee Schiro, Trustee Massey, Trustee Hijar and Trustee Roberts

MPT Willis read aloud Executive Session CRS Section 24-6-402(4)(f) for a discussion of a personnel matter and not involving: any specific employees who have requested discussion of the matter in open session; any member of this body or any elected officials; the appointment of any member to fill an office of this body or any elected official; or personnel policies that do not require the discussion of matters personal to particular employees. MPT Willis made a motion to go into executive session

Seconded by Trustee Schiro

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion carries

Executive session concluded and back in regular meeting at 7:36 PM. Town Attorney stated at that point the mayor asks if anyone in executive session has anything to say. No trustee had any comments at that time.

Approval of Minutes:

Motion made by MPT Willis to accept the minutes as written for 07/07/2021.

Second by Trustee Roberts

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.


Mrs. Sandoval reported on Ubmax software for the utility billing and explained Trustee Roberts and herself watched a webinar on the software and she explained everything the program does.

The Council decided to table the UBmax software until we had more info on how much the quick books would cost and what the town pays for casell at this time.

Mr. Tooker gave the Code Enforcement report and reminded everyone of the ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:30 AM on July the 30th  He explained  special invitations have been extended to those that donated to help make tent city a success. Mr. Tooker also gave special thanks to Terri Short and Dave Yount for the help with getting tent city done.

Mr. Tooker explained that the code enforcement training and motel has been booked and paid for and the motel was only $98.00 per night in Castle Rock.

Mr. Tooker reported he has sent a letter to 210 Idaho for the shape of the yard.

Trustee Hijar questioned Mrs. Sandoval on rather she knew how to assess the yard clean up charges to the taxes? Mrs. Sandoval replied she did.

Mr. Short gave a report on the town maintenance and suggested maybe closing the tree dump to the public and charging 2 to 3.00 dollars extra on the water bills for the towns people to pick up the organic waste (tree branches grass clippings and weeds) so people would not put the town at risk of losing the privilege of having a tree dump if the trash and other items being put down at the tree dump was found or turned in. Mr. Short showed pictures to the council of trash dumped down at the tree dump and Mayor Dinsmore apologized to Mr. Short saying that trash mess was his fault, and he would clean it up and Mr. Short responded by saying he has already cleaned up the mess.

Trustee Paul stated that Mr. Shorts idea was a good one and the town would not have to charge a bunch of money but could charge something to pick up the organic waste.

Trustee Paul made a motion to replace the tree dump lock with a new lock and keys that cannot be duplicated.

Second from Trustee Schiro

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Trustee Massey stated he would like to see the town invest in a woodchipper for the wood dump.

Mr. Short stated he helped weld a dumpster and he is willing to do the work if he has time, so he knows the work is done right and be able to work as a team. Mr. Short questioned rather anyone had a problem with him helping weld the dumpster? No one on the board had an issue with him helping the sanitation department, However Trustee Massey stated that Nick got overwhelmed and we don’t want to see Terry get overwhelmed with extra work, from the trash guys.

John Scorsine requested to include in the reports as introduction of town attorney. He informed the town he was a law firm in Colorado Springs he introduced himself as the town attorney and explained he only had one point of contact and that was the mayor and explained that is why he has not answered to other towns people or other trustees. He stated he works for the town and does not take calls from the public. Mr. Scorsine than stated he could set up a few other points of contact as far as trustees and or the Town Clerk.

Mr. Scorsine suggested typing up minutes and giving a draft of minutes and agendas to him so he can do a legal review. Also, to provide a copy to the trustees before meetings giving the trustees time to read over the minutes so time is not taken up at the meeting to read them. Send out a trustee packet before the meetings, and a packet available to the town that stated draft on the minutes. Mr. Scorine stated he could do a workshop on a Saturday for some training, but the town would be charged for the time to come down to do this. Mr. Scorsine stated he suggest the board review the laws and duties of a board member title 24 and 31 Colorado revised statute.

Some discussion from the public on what the code enforcement was not doing and that only certain people are getting ticketed. Mr. Tooker tried to defend himself and explain to the public what he was doing and with who. He was shut down by mayor Dinsmore. The Public questioned Mr. Tooker about what he was going to do about the burned-out house and the people living in it. As Mr. Tooker started to explain to them the process that needs to be taken the Town Attorney John Scorsine stopped Mr. Tooker and informed him that he could not discuss an open investigation. Mr. Tooker questioned Mr. Scorsine stating there was no open investigation concerning the burned-out house.

The public began to complain about receiving summons and the letters concerning Ordinances that where not being followed. The public questioned receiving a copy of the Ordinances? When Mr. Tooker started to explain that the open records act allows for anyone to come to get copies…  Mr. Scorsine again interrupted and stated that the town may want to post the ordinances on our website if we have one. Mr. Scorsine also mentioned to the Board to let him know if we want him to attend a Meeting via zoom or tele conference. Mr. Scorsine then thanked the council for their time.

Old Business:

Trustee Paul provided some information on an I3 processor from amazon a Hp elite 8 Gb of ram 22-inch monitor for $227.48. The council decided to table the processor until we knew what utility billing we would be using.

New Business:

Trustee Roberts stated he would like the town to invest in another DVR player for the cameras because the one we have we cannot get into, except on our phones and the passwords change and lock the users out, maybe one more user friendly. Trustee Massey stated he would like to see the town invest in better cameras.

Trustee Paul questioned the public concerning better and more cameras around town.

Tracy Reece stated it would provide a since of security. Betty Bruch questioned what would that help? Would the sheriff department ever come? Trustee Paul stated we are working to fix the issues with the sheriff department. Mayor Dinsmore and Mr. Scorsine stopped the conversation stating they were getting off topic.

Mayor Dinsmore continued to council member etiquette, asking 3 of the sanitation workers to come forward with their complaints. Levi approached the council with complaints directed at Trustee Roberts.

Mayor Dinsmore questioned how many times there has been a confrontation? Levi stated 2 to 3 times.

Trustee Paul questioned is it concerning maintenance on the trucks or what? Levi stated yes. Trustee Schiro stated that there was a problem with these 3 workers turning in their paperwork. Fernando Delatorres stated the not turning in the paperwork is a issue with the office staff and not Eric (Trustee Roberts) he stated he don’t want Eric to say anything to him. Steve Gill stated that Eric (Trustee Roberts) is out to get us. The three employees started getting more aggressive and verbally attacking Trustee Roberts. A member of the public Tracy Reece added her comments about the old trustee Mike Thibault who called her a f&c#$ing lier when she complained and had on video recording of the Driver for the trash, ran a stop sign and almost t boned her son, and the old trustee did nothing about it. Mrs. Sandoval interrupted stating that the accusations from the Sanitation workers about Trustee Roberts yelling and cussing at them are lies because it is all recorded, and the recorder is there for them to listen to. Mr. Scorsine interrupted saying that this is a personal matter and should be addressed later. When Mrs. Sandoval stated she had the recording telling the truth the sanitation guys started verbally attacking Mrs. Sandoval. Mrs. Sandoval started to speak, and Mayor Dinsmore told her enough and to stop the conversation. Trustee Perfecto wants a answer as to what went on and a confrontation started between Trustee Paul and Trustee Hijar. Trustee Hijar continued to question Trustee Paul and got louder and louder. Trustee Paul continued to tell Trustee Hijar he was not finished talking and to stop interrupting him and Trustee Hijar got louder and continued to tell Trustee Paul to stop talking. Mayor Dinsmore stated he wanted another supervisor over the trash. Mr. Scorsine stated that the board members should distance them self from employees and have supervisors over each department. The board announced that they would have a workshop next week on Wednesday July 28, 2021, at 7:00PM.

Trustee Roberts stated that if someone wants to take over getting trucks maintained and can get the job done. Trustee Paul would like to see someone continue the job and get it done. Mayor Dinsmore and Trustee Hijar stopped the conversation.

Approval of Bills:

MPT Willis questioned All-Rental bill approved by Mayor Dinsmore. Mayor Dinsmore stated that the All-Rental bills are to be forwarded to the historical society.

Motion made by Trustee Hijar to pay the bills in the amount of $10,185.08 and exclude the All-Rental bill.

Second by Trustee Massey

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Trustee Comments:

Trustee Hijar commented on making a decision soon on a manager and supervisor for the trash.

Trustee Paul stated it would be nice if Trustee Hijar would show up at the workshops and the meetings so he would know what was going on with the town and put in his input.

Trustee Paul also discussed 2 grants that he was going after. In addition to this trustee Paul announced he would be reading a letter concerning the mayor. Trustee Hijar told him he was not to read the letter. Mayor Dinsmore told Trustee Paul to read the letter. Trustee Paul asked the mayor to explain what had happened with the incident in the truck and the kid.  Mayor Dinsmore explained what had taken place. Trustee Paul then directed some questions to mayor Dinsmore requesting an explanation.

Mr. Scorsine stopped the questioning stating this was not appropriate to address in public and Trustee Paul was getting close to proving liability. Trustee Paul stopped his comments.

MPT Willis invited everyone out to the ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday July 30th at 10:30 AM.

Trustee Schiro had no comments.

Trustee Massey agreed with the mayor and his actions concerning the confrontation with the kid in the truck.

Public Comments:

Tracy Reece discussed a complaint she has with her neighbor Joe Rawski she explained that his dogs got under the fence and bit one of her dogs a couple of weeks ago. Mayor Dinsmore questioned Mr. Tooker if he had done any thing about the complaint. Mr. Tooker explained he responded to the complaint, and he did not have any evidence to pursue the complaint. Tracy Reece complained that the town was being taken over by tweekers.

Tanya Cloer started to complain concerning her ticket. She explained she has always registered her dogs and this year decided not to do it until everyone else in town had to. She received a summons for court for not registering her dogs and stated that the Board told her she would not have any fine if she rectified the situation. She stated her husband still had to go to court and was fined court fees and she stated she was not happy because the Judge use to never asses fines and now he does and she stated that either the board members are liars or Judge Manley is a liar and she wanted to know who it was. MPT Willis stated the judge has always assess fines or court fees. She asks if the town was keeping Judge Manley or not? Mr. Scorsine stated he could also take over the town judges’ position if the board wanted him to but of course there would be a significant fee charged to do so. Mr. Cloer spoke telling MPT Willis that it was a conflict of interest for her to do the court stuff and be a trustee. He asks her if it was to intimidate the judge or the defendants coming to court? Mr. Cloer also stated that you cannot have a trial only by the Judge.  Mr. Tooker informed the public that 4 hours a day are not enough to get to everyone each week, but he does not play favorites ever and he does not appreciate being accused of doing so.

Mayor Dinsmore ask for order with the public and on the council.

Mr. Scorsine suggested having a readily available system on the website stating it saves the town clerk the hassle by posting the agendas, minutes, ordinances, budget the court dockets and any citizen complaints.

He stated he sees a lack of accountability and the public comments should be limited to 5 minutes.

Mr. Cloer suggested sending a letter to our self’s and when we receive the letter then start 10 days from that for the people, we send letters to. Also suggested make people show their homeowners insurance for certain breed of dogs, so if someone gets bit, they can get the insurance info and go after the owner. Mr. Cloer suggested that the board grow up and be adults.

Mayor Dinsmore suggested having the issue rectified with the Cloers to correct the situation.

Trustee Massey agreed and stated that the board should keep their nose out of it from now on and leave those decisions to the judge.

Mr. Scorsine explained the situation concerning stepping on toes when it comes to a town judge.

Mayor Dinsmore suggested tabling the issue with the Cloers tell they could get more information.

Betty Bruch asks when did Mr. Roberts get back on the council and when he was sworn in? MPT Willis explained last week and was sworn in at that time. Betty Bruch informed the council that when Mr. Petty was with the town, he took care of the trucks.

No other comments.

Motion by MPT Willis to adjourn the meeting at 10:10 PM

Second by Trustee Paul

All in favor: Aye

All Opposed: None

Motion Carries.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:10 PM.

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