Town of Sugar City
Regular Meeting

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CALL TO ORDER 7:01 pm by Mayor Del Rio


ROLL CALL Massey, Tooker, Willis, Roberts, Del Rio: Not present Hijar

MINUTES Motion to approve minutes dated 04/20/2022 made by Tooker, 2nd by Willis, motion carried

Tracy Reece refund? Have no checks.
            Ditch in alley, city came dig ditch, get money to hire someone. Discussion over resuming work as soon as possible. Decision made to make sure safety features are in place, till work resumes.

Dave turned in keys
Who are we using for the awnings? Discussion over awnings. Decision made Tooker would look into additional awning companies.
Install meter at tent city. Decision made to have one installed.
CIRSA: renewal paperwork for insurance.
May 10th, Davida work morning and Nikki work afternoon. Discussion over appointments. Decision made to close for lunch.
Dash cams for trash trucks. Discussion over getting prices over different cams. Decision made to get prices.
Thank you for the trash employees, read aloud.
US Solar: No discussion.
Gazette: Graduates and Armed Forces Day. Decision made to have ads for both.
Eddy Corp: Discussion over electric. Decision made to schedule meeting with company.
June is bike month. No discussion.
Landfill increasing prices. No discussion.
Colorado Fire Commission: No discussion.
CML: Protections for Election officials. No discussion. Trustee Willis took to review.
TRIAD: Server needing updated. Discussion over updating server. Decision made to get specks.
CDOT: grants for safe streets and roads. Discussion over trustee to handle grants for roads. Decision made Trustee Roberts will gather more information.
Reclamation: grant for water systems. Discussion over trustee for water grants. Decision made Trustee Hijar will focus on water grants.
Pumps at lagoons: smoking, to small to keep up with lagoons. Discussion over size of pump and ordering additional to have one in storage. No decision made.
Foggers: Prices. Discussion over chemicals used. No decision made.
Keyboard: Wireless for $22.91 to attach to tablet. Discussion over purchase. Decision made to get wireless keyboard.
Vacuum: Discussion over purchasing another vacuum. Decision made to look for something less fancy.
Dual Monitor cords: Discussion over use and cost at $16 for one. Decision made to purchase one.
Chairs for office. Discussion over style, color, and cost. Decision made to purchase two of same color at lowest cost.
VPN quotes: Discussion over VPN and use. No decision made.
Keyboard/mouse: Discussion over cordless or corded. Decision made to look into Logitech and get prices.
Software: Discussion over changing programs again. Decision made to have attorney assist with getting program correct.
Maintenance: Talked to other meter companies. Neptune is not adaptable.
Road patch material, they can come and demonstrate, and patch a hole. Discussion over using company. Decision made for Terry to watch demonstration. Pizza and pop during demo.
Conference very informational, all kinds of neat stuff. Will talk more about it after return.
Sanitation: Tires: Discussion over prices of tires.
Truck 1: back last night, check engine light, sensor left unplugged. Truck 1 needs two tires as soon as possible. Truck 2 is good on tires. Truck 5 is back, looked over it. Needs exhaust work, damage to main hydraulic hose, $700 to replace. Carry barring, possibly drive shaft bent. Needs four tires on back of it. Scheduled to have tires put on day of accident. One year anniversary of Dave Yount on April 26.
Praise all the guys for the hard work we have been doing and the extra time to handle the extra workload.
Thursday is heavier day, may have to work Saturday to make up Friday.
Order stickers for Dodge make them black. Order stickers for dodge and s-10.
Discussion over truck 5 and work that is going to be required to fix and get back on road.

Speed bumps: 10 speed bumps: 2 pack/$243.79, single for $168.85. Discussion over where to place speed bumps. Motion made to purchase 14 speed bumps and 6 signs, with additional anchors not to exceed $2500 made by Tooker, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

Richard Hijar: Rental of old town hall: Discussion over using for secondhand store. Discussion over length of time rental would be considered, 6 months trial. Decision made into updating building for rental purposes.
CIRSA: 2004 Ranger: Discussion over truck. Motion to accept the $3800 less the $150 to keep truck and put up for auction made by Massey, 2nd Tooker, motion carried.

Resolution 2022-5 appointing town officers Motion to approve Resolution 2022-5 made by Willis, 2nd by Tooker, motion carried.
Resolution 2022-8 raise water rates Motion to approve Resolution 2022-8 made by Willis, 2nd Massey, motion carried.
Municipal Code: Discussion over municipal code booklet getting passed. No decision made.


EXECUTIVE SESSION: For discussion of a personnel matter under C.R.S. Section 24-6-402(2)(f) and not involving: any specific employees who have requested discussion of the matter in open session; any member of this body or any elected official; the appointment of any person to fill an office of this body or of an elected official; or personnel policies that do not require the discussion of matters personal to particular employees.
to go into executive session at 8:24 made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.

Motion to come out of executive session at 8:40 made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.

Roberts: No Comment
Willis: No Comment
Tooker: Read municipal code as quickly as can.
Massey: Motion made to purchase and 2 steer tires for truck 7 with additional 4 drive tires for truck 1 and 2 made by Massey, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

to adjourn at 8:43 made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.



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