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CALL TO ORDER 7:00 pm by Mayor Del Rio


ROLL CALL Massey, Willis, Roberts, Del Rio: Tooker present via zoom: Not present Hijar

MINUTES Motion to approve minutes dated 05/04/2022 made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.

Eric Roberts: Water increase possibly increase water in-town. Facilitate money for trash trucks. Will it apply to the pipelines? Discussion over rates and purposes of rate increase. Where did the amount come from for the rate increase? Discussion over where amount came from.
Rate of landfill increase and surcharge on fuel. Discussion over fuel rate.
Bob Offutt: Profit and loss budget: Discussion over budget and software. Decision made have the attorney to get program fixed or receive refund. How many residents are located within town limits. Discussion over number of residents compared to budget. Is the price increase required? Discussion over two programs: UBMax and QuickBooks.
Motion to pursue with lawyer, if can’t make UBMax to work for us then we follow suit made by Willis, 2nd by Roberts, motion carried.

7:25 pm Tooker off zoom.

Code enforcer for a town of 450 people, don’t need. Discussion over having code enforcement.
Sheila Carpenter: Seen dogs attack two people. Blame people in charge of the dogs for their behavior. When town contacted, code enforcer, people don’t think we need a code enforcer and does him bad to have to give these people a ticket. Now when the biting dog doesn’t live in your neighborhood, then it is not a problem. You want to sit here and get rid of the people that are helping us, but you are going to sit here and argue about a three dollar increase in water. Discussion over dogs at certain locations. Tony Moreland: When I was code enforcer the River of Life told us that they would have no more dogs. Willis: Then it goes back to you. Mark Cloer: There have been four dog bites at this address. Could pass an ordinance, dog registered to adult. Enforce registration. Could require within town limits show proof of homeowners insurance. Make the sheriff’s office and make them enforce state statute. Discussion over having code enforcer or a dog catcher.

Tim Vallejos: Alleys are mess. Why are we not cleaning alleys that have tree limbs? Discussion over alleys and work that needs to be collected. Willis: Thank you for all the work you have been doing the past couple of weeks.
People are throwing away items that we don’t take. Setting up a recycle. Discussion over setting up a recycling center. Discussion over pros and cons of recycling center. Decision made to have town maintenance clean the alleys from tree limbs.
Not going to get a driver at the rates we are offering. Discussion over employee rates for trash.
Temporary driver working out. He is doing but at part-time, we need full-time. Discussion over rates of driver rates.
Mr. Scott: Who is running this town? Council or town attorney? Discussion over contacting an attorney for everything. Decision made to use town attorney less frequently.

Levi vacation Motion to approve Levi’s vacation made by Massey, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

$250 Motion to pay $250 for bond made by Massey, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.
Motion to have Van Brown fix backflow made by Massey, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.
Motion to order pallet of water $460.99 made by Massey, 2nd by Willis, motion carried

Terry Short: Water Conference: maintenance and maintaining pipes. No discussion.
Luis and I have stretched thin, meeting with sewer, trash, and water. Discussion over hiring new employee. Three applicants, discussion over waiting for more applicants. Decision made to get someone as soon as possible.
Chlorinator pump: State wants to know that we have spare parts.
Annoyed with trash they get overtime, we get lectured about our overtime. Discussion over the amount of time worked and employees getting overtime. Decision made that the maintenance can get overtime.
Dave Yount: Going well. Truck 1 needs front shocks, $130 each. Truck 7 got tires on it. Tye Jackson can do the work for the annual inspection reports. He will do the work for the trucks for the trash. Trucks 5 & 7 he will work on, truck 5 don’t have to be empty. Truck 7 has electrical issues. Truck 2 is going to get annual inspection on Friday. Pick up shocks on Friday.
Motion to purchase shocks at $130 each made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.
Looking for CDL driver. Employee looking to retire in the next six months.
Tires 2 steer tires for trucks one and two. Motion to purchase 2 steer tires, purchase 6- drive tires made by Massey, 2nd by Willis, motion carried.

Public Service Worker: Discussion over paying for the insurance for us to utilize them for Town. Motion not to use public service worker made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.

Richard Medina: North side of lake Meredith. Kamp properties purchased several water taps from the town. Discussion over location of meter. Traded taps for the 10 acres of land to put in the new lagoon. Letter from Mayor at time. A&M Reality: representative of Korinek Arbuthnot Medina Pool(KAMP). Split up no longer a group. Water line and gas line running between two sewer cells. Any water line has to be 10’ from the base of the line. Had a water line break a few years ago. Gas line 18” below water line. Discussion over location of water line. What are the liabilities that the line runs on towns land instead of private land?
Infrastructure of water line to know where the line runs, near Nichols. Line is probably dead now. Extend line up to corner back onto my land then we can separate line. Discussion over what was paid for service on the KAMP properties. Decision made to table.

Mark Cloer: Vicious dogs, called sheriff and Mayor. Mayor arrived 20 minutes later. Asked for pictures, PTSD my first concern is safety. Sheriff office wants to charge me for discharging a fire arm in town. Situation from two weeks ago. Tanya told nothing could be done. Secom worker bitten by dog. Legislation introduced two years ago. Impending election would like to meet with council to draft letter. I am going to each person bitten and help to make sure that household doesn’t have any money left. Council can not say they did not know that this is happening. The town will be held liable. Carrying around paint and hornet spray for protection in my front yard. Judgment to not have dogs, miss located paperwork from order from judge. Judge can reorder the judgment. Have a dog, must show proof of home owners insurance if you live within town limits. This household will lie to your face. Mayor: Went on Monday and got photos of the four dogs. Willis: How old are the dogs? Cloer: They say they are never older than six months. This family does not ever have dogs that age over six months or that the children are the owner, we can’t do that. This community is not safe. It is time to stop the talk and start fining them. Mayor: We were able to get rid of the dogs once before. Now the dogs are back, different dogs but still have dogs. Cloer: Had to take secondary fence down. Enforce any and all ordinances and resolutions that they rest of us have to follow. Why do they get away with it? I want the law enforced, I don’t have the power, you have the power. This is dereliction of duty and I want it resolved. As council member come to yell at a citizen and call them a liar. That is something that you as Mayor needs to give guidance. To try to charge the town $60,000, that is extortion, we pay taxes for county. Get a municipal judge that will do something to help this town, that has a backbone. Meet with council to get everything together so we can get this taken care of.
Thank you
Sheila Carpenter: Is in effect about dogs. Register complaint about Trustee Tooker. He pulled up already in his mind to attack Mark. He immediately starting questioning did you get photos. Prior to the dog bite, three days earlier the dog had chased Mr. Cloer into his home. Willis: Thank you Sheila
Dannah Koeniger: GMS: Trustee Hijar invited us to attend, represent GMS consulting engineers. Working with water conservancy district(AVC). Discuss funding that you have two wells that need treating or redrilling, the water tank as well. AVC we look for deficiencies in you water, we will be doing an analysis of your water. Get a involved report. Funding pieces, grant funding and loans available. Infrastructure land act: State revolving fund. Qualify as a disadvantage program. Water projects items must be made in USA. Design engineering grant: $300,000. Hold cost until grant goes through. Department of Local Affairs can help find money through grants with a 50% match. The community less grant, federal grant they generally have a lot of red tape. Company does all the grant writing and all the paperwork required, you review and get the money. We track the rules and regulations so the town don’t have to do that. To get money it costs money, it is $150,000, which you will get in grants. Discussion over funding and/or getting grants. No decision made. Reach out if you have any questions.

BILLS: Motion to pay bills in the amount of $69,569.56 made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: For discussion of a personnel matter under C.R.S. Section 24-6-402(2)(f) and not involving: any specific employees who have requested discussion of the matter in open session; any member of this body or any elected official; the appointment of any person to fill an office of this body or of an elected official; or personnel policies that do not require the discussion of matters personal to particular employees.
Executive session cancelled.

Roberts: No comment
Willis: Trustee Roberts talked to Fire Department about doing pancake breakfast.
Massey: Find items for company cookout. June 7th at 2 pm employee cookout.
Raise for town maintenance crew. Completed budget before giving more raises. Discussion over programs or getting some training for QuickBooks.

to adjourn at 10:17 made by Willis, 2nd by Massey, motion carried



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