Town of Sugar City
Special Meeting Minutes

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CALL TO ORDER 6:30 by Mayor Dinsmore

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE led by Mayor Dinsmore

ROLL CALL Present: Dinsmore, Massey, Hijar, Paul, not present: Willis. Also, present Debbie Rusher and Dean Bauer from Northwest pipeline. Sam Wilson and Jim McCuistion from Southeast pipeline present.


NEW BUSINESS- Ark Valley Project, Wilson:  President Kennedy 1963, drinking water from Pueblo reservoir drinking water from there all the way to Kansas, we need to protect. Massey: seems like they want to give our rights to the commissioners, but we need to keep it private and with us. Dinsmore: Do not know about this project. Believes what Wilson said. Paul: agrees with Massey and will losing voting power with the county. Hijar: meeting one month ago and they said they were going to use project initially. But when they need more volume and need to get it from somewhere, agrees with Wilson and assumes they will take our water shares and no for contributing to the system. What are we gaining out of it? Bauer: depends on what does it cost, in a way be nice to have a backup system to ours, pounds below well since we purchased the Schiro place, Hijar: stay with what we got, planning to clean up our wells and dig deeper. Discussion
high in led radium, great benefit to them won’t get better water then we have now. Paul: through testing in the region county road h to highway 71 all the way to Lake Henry, has been tested with calcium and lead, super site and winds blow the heavy metal to the soil here untreated are unacceptable to sale the crops in the area. McCuistion: agree but need to keep an open mind before this over, southeast to figure it out, alternative source but with Wilson we need to protect ours.
Hijar-Agrees with Jim- Hijar wants us to jump in feet first. Paul: What are some of the questions we would want answered by the project to consider this. Bauer: Engineer, take with a grain of salt, Take cost into account over long run. Two out lining entities out if 40. Dinsmore: Water board.  Fear of losing water. Hijar: ordinance– Moreland: New municipal code. Wilson: helps the city- benefits the whole city. Dinsmore- Dean, Sam, need one trustee and two civilians.  Further discussion.
Hijar: Needs to get water and made evaluation and people use around 300 gallons a day- 8 taps means 2400 gallons a day,Calculating north pipeline 14 people. I look at the pipeline and how much they use a year and its 15, 354 worth of water cost last year. Dinsmore numbers are not correct. 10,000 per day, sugar city 57,900 per day for the whole town per day. 2600 gallons per day, he doesn’t use that much for day. His 8 taps would be 2400 per gallon per day, half of foot of water, he is asking for 2400 per day,Further discussion.
Lucile Nichols low pressure- needs to be checked out.Discussion to add 4 inch line to take care of Hijar. Hijar: wants to charge me $10,000 a tap. Janet wants another tap and I’m objecting to running another water line. Other pipelines to come in to add taps.Dinsmore doesn’t see a problem with that. Hijar: overlooking the water system and growth in the area, Has the town seen grow in houses, another factor that needs looked into. Look at the whole picture. Dinsmore: we can all three go into a good engineering report. Hijar: have an engineer come in and do everything legal- I have the engineer report but you can’t have it tell its approved. Dinsmore that’s not how this is going to work. I will give it to the city not the whole group.This is for council, this is going to work, he just rubbed me the wrong way by saying we had to approve before he would show it.

Motion to approve tie-in with engineering report and rectify at next meeting made by Hijar, 2nd by Massey, motion carried. Willis absent.

Motion to adjourn at 7:37 by Massey 2nd by Paul, motion carried, Willis not present

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